Best Health Tips and Health Facts on Living a Long Healthy Life

Every one wishes to have long Healthy Life. Scientists are searching for the ways to have long lasting youth and disease free old age. Sages were able to live Healthy Life with normal abilities by use of herb and yoga. Here are some scientifically proven ways that can add years to your life and can make your Healthier. Just follow the following Health Tips and Health Facts.


Sleep Soundly

Sufficient sound sleep can increase your performance and add years in life. Greek scientists have proven that people who took daily siesta suffered fewer heart attacks. While other researchers have shown that people with long term sleep problems have higher chances of heart attack while those who sleep soundly for 6 to 8 hours a night suffer fewer illnesses.

Cold Bath

Regular cold bath can have refreshing and may be the secrets of long, Healthier Life is believe of many naturopaths researchers have proved that the progressively cold baths improves cardio-vascular efficiency improves immunity and fertility and decreases chances of heart attacks. In Russia people take ice cold bath to boost their potency.

Keep a Pet

It has been shown that the pet owner lives longer as pets like cats or dogs help in relaxing a person and chances of illness decrease.


Married person on average have longer life span than singles/window/widower. Marriage is more beneficial to life. Marriage is more beneficial to life. Single men don’t have any one to care and are more likely to suffer from chronic disease. More over a stable happy life keeps people young. Divorced people suffer from chronic debilitating disease.

Eat Less Than Your Appetite

In animals calorie restriction can slow ageing process and can prolong the life. Scientists believe that restricting the diet in human can increase their life span to 150 years. It has been shown that restricting the calories leads to decrease in blood pressure and increases immunity.


Laughter keeps us young and happy. Studies have proved that people who laughs more live long Healthy Life. If ill people laugh, their recovery is faster. Try to enjoy every movement of life. Now many laughter clubs have been established to relieve tension.


Men and women who play or do exercise regularly can live longer. Regular exercise protects from many disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, angina, joint diseases etc. regular exercise delays the aging changes.

I hope that these Health Tips and Health Facts on How To live a long Healthy Life will surely benefit you.


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