How To Prevent Old Age And Maintain Youthfulness

Problems Of Ageing:

Death is certain. But everybody would like to maintain good Health till the last breath. The current of life is discharged from the body from the right arm. The control point of this current is wrist and the elbow. By giving two minutes treatment intermittent pressure on this point, the excess discharge of youthfulness for longer period and delay old age. This treatment is must for all men and women after the age of 40.

It is interested to note that regular treatment on this point even by aged people will greatly benefit them and they will start felling more energetic, younger and less tired.


You have learnt how to prevent old age and remain youthful, it is almost necessary to have proper plans for the retirement. Activities of your choice must be increased; new hobbies common to both or complimentary to each other must be developed. Start taking interest I reading, writing, and fine arts, music, painting, gardening, much more.  Moreover move around a lot and see the world and meet people. You will feel a sense of oneness with them.

The most important is that, up till now, your activities were centered on you; start taking interest in other welfare and find new avenues of great joy. Reduce your expectation and try to fulfill others expectations.


It is observed by the medical world that after the age 60 years, the heart and liver start functioning slower and slower. As such, rest after meals is most necessary. And a change in diet is a must. Try to reduce cooked food as much as possible. Increase the intake of green juices, fruit juices, green salads, fruits and yoghurt, etc. which are easily digestible and which will give you enough energy. Moreover, light exercise, pranayam, walking/ swimming for 40 minutes are must. Very soon you will be near nature and every morning will bring you new joys and new meaning of life. And you will feel young, sing merrily like a bird and will fell confident, of living for 100 years.

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