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होली में ऐसे रखें अपनी त्वचा का ख़याल

होली में ऐसे रखें अपनी त्वचा का ख़याल: होली के दिन रंगो से सबसे ज़्यादा होने वाली प्रॉब्लम्स त्वचा की होती है जैसे की स्किन आलर्जी , रेडनेस इत्यादि. होली के 5 दिन पहले और बाद तक फेशियल,ब्लीचिंग,वॅक्सिंग इत्यादि नही करनी चाहिए!. अगर ऐसा करते है तो इस से स्किन के पोर्ज़ खुल जाते है […]

Health Tips: 90% of World Population Suffering from Headache

One of the common Health issue which is faced by almost every single person on earth is Headache. Over 90% of the People are facing this critical Health problem. Some of the stats given below will give you an idea on various types of headaches and their treatments. 90% People – Occasional Headache 75% People – […]

10 Healthy Habits for Your Family

There are a few things which should be taught at a young age and here are 10 Healthy habits for your family. Hand wash: Encourage your children to wash their hands with soap before and after every meal. This helps to prevent a lot of allergies. As your kids come in contact with dust and pets […]

Not Losing Your Weight, Find Out The Reason?

“In this busy and modern Technology world almost everybody wants to look good and why not? Looks are very important for everyone for that you need not have good color of your body if you have a skinny toned body than you can also create a miracle. These day’s people are very conscious about their weight […]

Best Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

I have personally experienced the worst toothache ever in my life. I could not sleep whole night and my hand was on my jaw entire night and the only thing I was looking for some sleep but could not do so due to immense pain. The next day I got up and found some of the […]

How To Overcome Insomnia Without Taking Medicines

Insomnia is nothing but a disorder which is responsible for loss of sleep. Life is full of worries and it doesn’t allow one to sleep at night or at any point of time. So do you also have such tensions and worries and not getting the kind of sleep you want? Instead of sleeping I […]

Healthy Home Remedies for Heart Burn or Chest Burn

Health plays an important role in this polluted world. But you can find many diseases which are occurring in day today life and one such form is Heartburn. You may have noticed at any point of time in your life the you felt a painful burning sensation in the chest. It is mainly caused due […]