Effective Use of Commenting Feature in Blogs for Authors

Almost every Blogger is familiar with the Commenting feature provided in the WordPress and as well as in the Blogger platform. With this feature it enables the user to increase the popularity of the article written via effective commenting. By this both the commenter as well as the author gets benefitted. The main reward that any author can have is the comments that are put on his posts.

If he/she writes Quality articles, but fails to get any comments on the post, then I would say it is just waste of time for him/her. Most of the Bloggers feels disappointed as the time passes on. Most of the new Bloggers face the similar situation, while building their new Blogs. It is also applicable for my case with that same situation and disappointment too, but I didn’t let myself down.

 Once I was browsing over the Internet and came across somewhere that, starting days of blogging won’t get any comments easily. If you are a new Blogger then just have patience and provide Quality articles on your Blog, comments will come for sure. Just follow this tip of my Blogging Guide secret and include the following at the end of your article such as Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Subscribe to RSS etc to get sticky readers and popularity in Social Media too for good traffic.

You can also ask the readers to comments directly or indirectly like “It will be great if you can drop your views on this post” or just ask any question in the post. And if a reader found your post useful and almost reads about full article then he/she will surely leave a comment. One of the striking points of the comments is “free content”. Let me get this straight if you write an article around of 250 words and if you get say 10 comments with 25 words each, then your total words of the post will be 500. The goof news for all the Bloggers is that Search Engines care for the comments too. This is the only reason that some Websites are getting high rank in Search Engines, even if they have written a post of only about 150 words.

Take my Tips and do not approve all the comments that come on your Blog when it is just started because most of them will be spams. If you get the comments in the following way like- “informative post”, “thanks for sharing” type of comments. These kinds of comments are only for backlinking purpose, as they are of zero benefit for your post.


  1. Andrew says:

    great post I really enjoyed reading it, it is full of interesting information. Thank you for sharing this post with us.
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  2. Adrienne says:


    I just commented on a post where a young lady was saying that just because you don’t get a lot of comments on your blog doesn’t mean it’s not successful. For instance your particular post may be geared toward a certain audience that isn’t really into commenting. But if they are sharing your posts on the social networking sites then it is being seen as popular.

    In my opinion I believe it has to do with what you are here to accomplish online. Take my blog as a good example. I love to help people learn but I mainly use my blog for building relationships. So, I want the interaction on my blog through the comments. The shares as just as important because that’s how your content will get noticed by people who don’t normally visit your blog.

    So it depends on what you are here to accomplish. If your content is good and I’ve connected with you in the social world, I’m going to comment whether you have a lot of them already or not. So to me, you are successful.

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