Top 5 Best Women Safety Smartphone Applications

Today, almost every other women possess Smartphones and Gadgets which has the latest Technology in them. But the Technology is of no use if it cannot save your life. There are many women who work late and gets home by themselves alone. It is a matter of serious concern after what the world has seen Delhi girl’s tragedy. In order to be safe all the time you need to have some women safety applications in your phone. By downloading these Best Women safety applications for your Smartphone you can save your life from unsafe situations. It helps in situations like when you need help while travelling alone at night, if someone is harassing you or any other threatening dangerous situation.

1. OnWatch

If you are a college student then this App is especially made for you. This App allows you to alert your friends and family and emergency responders like 911, along with that it also alerts campus police. With this App you can send alerts based on time. Say like, if you didn’t get to home in an hour then this OnWatch App inform your friends and others about your GPS location. You can download this App for iPhone and Android. It enables you a free 90 day trial subscription with .edu mail address and for others it offers 30 day free trial.


2. CircleOf6

Using this CircleOf6 App you can add 6 friends or family members so that they will be informed when you need it. This Application enables you to send a text message to your friends or family members with your current GPS location and a message like ‘Come and Get Me’. If you are low on balance then you can also send out a ‘call me’ message. It can be easily programmed to call selected national hotlines or local emergency numbers. And the good news is that it is Free for iPhone and Android Smartphones.


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3. Fightback

If you are a Indian girl then I can say it is just made for you. In order to download and use this Fightback App you have to login via Facebook. This App has facility that will make use of your Smartphone’s GPRS, SMS, GPS, maps, email and linked Facebook account in order to send SOS messages when required. You can even send SOS msg to your friends on fb with a single tap. You can even update your Facebook status with SOS message with current location to inform on Facebook.  It is free to use for Android, Blackberry and Nokia Smartphones.


4. Street Safe

This App is mainly intended for iPhone users and it is free to use. Using this it allows you to connect to a live Safety Advisor which is online all the time until you reach your place. This App and its personal safety adviser will enable you to supply immediate help and can provide ‘Walk with me’ support to reach your house safely. And it can also notify 911 and the police with details like your photo, age, height etc if you fall into a unsafe situation. This Street Safe App is for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


5. Redpanicbutton

By using this Redpanicbutton Application, it allows you to push a central button and generate a security alert, by doing this it will activate immediate contact with emergency services, it will also provide quick details of the current location and along with that it will automatically dials various emergency numbers and sending of panic messages via various communication channels like text message, mails and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But this Android Free version is for only one panic contact so better buy a full version.



  1. Amit says:

    Thanks for diverting the attention towards the very important topic. I believe these days its a must for girls, for ladies to keep them protected and the way you have described the above application, I am sure it would be helpful to lot of people.
    Amit recently posted..Some Tips to Reduce Pains Due to Bad PostureMy Profile

  2. I must try all for my girlfriend, she new at smartphone then that all application will usefull for her, thanks pal..!!!
    Hadian Alkani recently posted..Alasan RIM Ganti Nama Jadi BlackberryMy Profile

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