10 Facebook Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

Facebook is one of most frequent word which is been used in day today life. Most of the users on Facebook are youngsters and teenagers, since they prefer to stay connected with friends and want to maintain contact with them all the time. Facebook has won millions of heart by bringing lots of services to its fans and even to others. Facebook has become one of the famous and the biggest earning revenue site in global market. Here we see new Top 10 Best Facebook Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know.

1. How To Place Facebook Chat On Firefox Sidebar

Facebook chat is one known feature used by users. Some people like to keep this feature on sidebar of their Browser itself for quick access. Here are steps to place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar. Go to Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks -> click New Bookmark Enter Name, Location of path, check Load this mark in the sidebar. Then Click on View-> Sidebar-> Bookmarks.

2. How To Download Facebook Photo Albums

If suppose, you like your friends albums and you want to download all photos which ever are present in the entire album. All you have to do is just download Add-ons called FacePAD in your Firefox. And after adding it, when you right click album click on Download Album with FacePAD.

facebook tips and tricks

3. How To Share Flickr Photos To Facebook

If suppose, you want to transfer photos from Flickr to Facebook. Just you have to Login into Flickr To Facebook Uploader which will directly transfer your photos to Facebook, But this Transfer is unofficial.

4. How To Update Facebook Without Using Facebook

Facebook is also possible without using Facebook and it is Very simple. Just Go to helltxt and Ping.fm, there is an option called Facebook Administrators update and there you can update your Facebook Pages.

5. How To Schedule Facebook Messages

Sendible is also one of Social Media through which you can Schedule your Facebook Messages. By this medium you can send messages to friends, customers or colleagues in future.

6. How To “Friend” Someone On Facebook & Hide It From Your Status Updates

Facebook has come up with nice trick with which who can view your updates and who cannot. Below status updates their will three options for who can see this? And options are friends of friends, only friends, some friends. you can choose which ever is convenient to you and then choose who cannot view your status and posts.

7. How To Create A Photo Collage Using Pictures Of Your Facebook Friends

If you want to create a Facebook Friends collage just click on Friends Tab-> More tab-> Choose an option-> choose any dashes.

8. How To Display Selected Pictures Only On Your Facebook Profile Page

This Trick is known to most of you, just click on Edit-> Type the names which you would like see those photos-> click Always show these friends.

9. How To Remove Facebook Advertisements

Some people don’t like Ads and updates on sidebar on Facebook. There is option called Facebook: cleaner which removes many of Annoying ads and updates.

10. How To Syncs Photos Of Facebook Friends With Contacts In Microsoft Outlook

OutSync is Windows Application that allows you to Synchronize photos of Facebook Contacts with Contacts present in Microsoft Outlook.


  1. Ahsan says:

    These FB tips are very small but very important. We can’t ignore any of these tips. Love all these stuff 🙂
    Ahsan recently posted..Become Fan Of Amitabh Bachchan On FacebookMy Profile

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