Murder 3 Movie Without Emraan Hashmi?

You may have seen Murder and Murder 2 movies starring Emraan Hashmi but have you ever imagined that the next part of this movie which is Murder 3 is going to be without Emraan Hashmi? Shocking indeed. I am not saying this but it is a very shocking news for all the Emraan fans who is considered as the kiss king. Murder 3 releasing on Feb 15th, which is considered as the special surprise for this Valentines Day. And guess what love is going to be murdered this Valentines Day.

And in place of Emraan the star will be Randeep Hooda who is accompanied by the sizzling Hot Aditi Rao Hydari who has already been casted in the London New York Paris movie and along with Mona Lizza, a Pakistani actress. Mahesh Bhatt is known for his mixing new formulas in his movie, you may remember first he casted Malika then Jacquelline and now these two hot babes. The release date of Murder 3 is this Valentines which is something very special for all the youngsters.


Murder 3 Movie Star Cast:

Randeep Hooda

Aditi Rao Hydari

Mona Lizza

Murder 3 Story Review:

Well in this case I am not going to reveal much detail as I don’t want to spoil your Valentines fun. But a sneak peak of the movie goes this way- Vikram (Randeep) who plays a role of a fashion photographer and loves women in his life but a very emotional guy. Roshini (Aditi) is a pro interior designer and plays the girl friend of Vikram.

The story goes this way, Vikram who is a photographer falls into a relationship with a waitress from a lounge. After that they move out to his palatial house which is situated out of the city limits. The house looks pretty scary. It has many secrets which the waitress is going to unearth to him. To know more you have to wait for the release and move into the multiplex.

Release Date:

Murder 3 Movie release date is Feb 15th, 2013.


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