Facebook Adds Voice Messaging to Its Messenger App

As you all know that, Facebook always comes with valuable updates every time. Facebook is one of the best and popular social networking website with best users. It is meant best for connecting your friends, family and anyone on earth around you. There are many million people using this social network. Update for this time Facebook Adds Voice Messaging to Its Messenger App for Android and iOS.

Facebook has many interacting ways like chat, video and message your friends and family. Facebook this time got newly launched Voice Messaging in Messenger App which is newly updated. All you need to see that plus symbol in chat messaging.


Now we will look forward how to make your message in voice format? All you need to do is click on plus button and then you have to keep holding down record button and start recording your message. Then you can send to your friends and family surprise with your voice.

Just now Facebook Added Voice Messaging to Its Messenger App started testing in Canada. VoIP calls will be charged according to your plans which are being monthly done. Above mentioned procedure was explained for Android based operating system.

Here another way of using this Voice Messaging in iOS operating system. iPhone user just can tap “I” button and just start recording message. This feature mainly you can use while explaining things which your friends don’t understand in written tone. Just you can record your voice and send directly.

Every time Facebook comes with new updates for user so that user can come up with new feature and new kind of interest they show in chatting. Last month Facebook came up with poke option among the users. With using this option you can send picture and sometime be in active mode also.

So friends will you all use this Voice messaging which is added to Its Messenger App? Make your friends and family communicate with voice.


  1. Liane Markus says:

    Another great benefit for facebook users and this really helps a lot just like other apps.

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