5 Tips To Get More Likes And Comments On Facebook

Usually we share photos and status on Facebook, but we don’t do it for ourselves am I right? Of course there is no point in sharing something that is not liked or commented by people especially by your friends. And if you don’t get enough likes and comments then your posts would seem quite lonely. And this doesn’t suits your profile especially if your Facebook account is a fanpage for your business. Then let me give you the Best and Top 5 Tips To Get More Likes And Comments On Facebook.

Post In The Mornings And Evenings

I have personal experience that most of the time people use to check their Facebook accounts during morning and specially in the evening time upon arrival at the office or before the start of a new day. And if you post something during middle of the night then I think its about time you must pay a visit to your nearest psychiatrist because there’s no point in sharing something at that time.

Commenting on Others’ Status

I still remember an amazing proverb from my childhood that “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”, so don’t every expect people to comment on your posts or shares if you don’t comment on theirs. So its always better to comment on others’ status too. And from my point of view it’s a close-knit community that bloggers form on Facebook.

Stay Relevant

This is one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind especially those who have business fan pages. And always make sure you post that is relevant to what you do; after all, fans connected with you for a reason. It is fine that you can share some ongoing news but make sure you don’t make a habit of it, so remember your page’s objective always.

Post More Photos

In this fast moving world, majority of the people doesn’t spend time on reading on something that has been posted, and on the other hand they give more importance to the photos, because a photo is worth a thousand words and speaks for itself and grab anyone’s’ attention easily and gains more visitors and as a result more likes and more comments.

Tease Or Challenge

I am definitely sure you would have come across questions such as “which is your favorite pass time?” and I am quite sure you would have replied to it on Facebook. And no one likes to be challenged, so say something to taunt them like my best score is 89 can you beat it? Yes, these are some of the teasers or challenges that gets one going in case of comments.


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