How To Use The New Facebook Page Admin Panel

As you all know “Facebook” is becoming world number one Social Networking site for everyone to stay in touch. Facebook when released Timeline for pages, providing greater opportunity for other brands and a bigger opportunity to connect with audiences.

Every day Facebook is trying new application in its site so user doesn’t get bored up and they get new kind of experience every time they visit into site. This time one of the most helpful new features, The New Facebook Page Admin Panel is one-stop for the tools and tip brands to stay in connection with their customers.


 Notification is a panel where all brands notification gathers in one place, so you don’t have to search into other pages. But keep in mind one thing don’t forget to respond to the activity on your page. This panel helps to keep in more organized, streamlined manner.

New Likes

This helps you to know new fans of your page. It is also helpful for small business, even to run a promotional page for new fans. For more details about your page audience demographics just check out insight panel.


Insight panel is graphical reports of your fans visiting your fan page when you upload content per day. There are three bar in graphs purple, green, blue each having its own communicating post. Purple bar shows amount of content you upload, green and blue bars show how well those post communicate audiences.


You have a feature called private message provided by Facebook. So that audience can reach out easily to their brand to address customer issues. Private message has B2B service which means back to back service, as it allows brand to engage with customer privately.


Manage tool which is on right upper right-hand side of admin panel is one of the striking tool because using this, whole panel is managed. It has feature like page visibility by country, manage who can post, who can tag, who can effect yours visibility post. In this tool activity log which keeps track of when you post your page, even you can ban users which are not allowed to view your page.

Help and Page Tips 

When you’re having some problem or checking out for some tips you can find it in help tab and the page tips panel. Both are best place to solve your query.

I am sure after reading these tips you can manage your fan page in great force with The New Facebook Page Admin Panel.


  1. Ahsan says:

    I have also find lots of problem after migrating to timeline my Facebook Page. But you described here clearly with lots of images. Good share
    Ahsan recently posted..Install Bangladesh Independence day Ribbon PluginMy Profile

  2. Adrienne says:

    I just switched mine over last night before Facebook did it for me and I don’t like how every time I go to my Fan Page the notifications are at the top. So I guess when you hit “hide” it doesn’t do it until you “unhide” it? I do find that rather annoying I must say.

    Other than that I’ve already learned how to get around since I switched over to the Timeline on my personal profile at the first of the year. Might as well jump on in right. The rest has been rather easy. I still need to do some work on my page but I just haven’t had time.

    Thanks for this information though, others will find it very handy.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Easily Download YouTube VideosMy Profile

    • Admin says:

      you are always welcome Adrienne! yeah i agree about the annoying part in the new timeline feature for the fan page. sometimes it get onto my nerves, but gotta get used to it. have a grt weekend ahead.

  3. Andrew says:

    very interesting post i found it very helpful, i am not a huge fan of the new facebook timeline but i am going to have to change over some time, so all the information i find about facebook really helps me, Thank you.
    Andrew recently posted..Africa Embraces Consumer ConvergenceMy Profile

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