Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online Through Blogging

If you are jobless and searching for a job from months without any success in this recession full world then you must try other ways to make money for living. There exists lot of ways to make money online. And one way is to do through a Blog. Various methods are available to earn online through a Blog but make sure you don’t try to apply all those methods. So follow these Top 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online Through Blogging and Make Money from Home.

PPC Advertising Networks

In this fast moving Technology world the most common way to make money online via a Blog is PPC advertising networks. And it is also easy ways to make money. But in order to get a decent profit you need to have at least 500 visitors to your blog on daily basis. Another most popular PPC advertising network is Google Adsense. You can give a try but it takes some time to approve the Adsense. Few other PPC advertising networks are Yahoo Bing Ad Network, Clicksor etc.

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Affiliate Marketing

According to me the best and the fastest way of making money online is through Affiliate Marketing. There are many affiliate marketers who used to make more than 5000$ per month via affiliate marketing. But it takes a lot of hard work in order to earn that much amount as it is never easy to earn via Affiliate Marketing. It takes 2-3 years in Blogging life to achieve something big.

Direct Banner Advertising

To make a decent amount of money from your Blog then Direct banner advertising can also be preferred. The various benefits are:

1. You have all the rights to set ad spaces and set your own charges.

2. You get instant money once someone buys your Ad space.

3. And guess what you get 100% revenue just for you.

But Direct banner advertisers are difficult to find so you can go for third party website like BuySellAds.

Writing Product Review

Daily products which are intended for Internet use are created daily. The products can be WordPress themes, eBooks, plugins, SEO tools and many more. And in order to reach to the audience products owners like to promote those products. So you can be the first to contact those product owners in order to write a review on your Blog. And depending on your Blog traffic you can get decent amount of money from it.

Selling Own Products

Selling one’s own products is also a great way to make some money online. You can sell stuffs like eBooks based on How To Get Traffic to your Blog in no time, Internet Marketing Tips and many more ideas like that if you are skilled enough. Not even eBooks you can also go for selling products like your own themes, mp3 etc.

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