5 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Quit Blogging within 6 Months

As you know today youngsters are more focused and interested in field of Blogging with lots of booming market trend. Today’s internet world is with full of web pages and Blogs. Youngsters are taking a lot of interest in starting their own blogs. But starting blog is not a big thing, maintain blog is thing where you have to put lot of your efforts in writing and earn lots of money. But people stay only for 6 months and they leave out. What happens to those bloggers who come up with lots of idea and later they quit? Here in this article you will come up some reasons why bloggers quit within 6 months.

Looking For Quick Money

As in this fast moving Technology world everyone wants to make money overnight. No one wants to do hard work and earn. After looking to other bloggers most of new youngsters get wrongly motivated and start investing money and without working hard they want to earn in return. But this mantra is not at all possible.  For developing any business initially you need to put your hard work to earn later in future with go returns.

Not Passionate About Writing

Passion of writing is must for newbie bloggers. Without having passion towards blogging you cannot maintain blog initially and even in future. The fact is that youngsters must be open towards the passion of writing article. Initially it will look boring and tiring but when you start taking interest in knowing new things, surely your interest toward writing will get develop.

Lack of Motivation

Motivation is the key which is missing in every new blogger. There is no one to motivate you when you get into new field of work or job. In case of bloggers, while they start blogging initially for first month they will be posting their article in full flush. Later, after few months when they don’t respond from people on blog, they start to lose their interest towards blogging. 

Not Enough Topics

Initially the bloggers write their own content in the site. Later when time goes on they start searching for content from the other bloggers site. This case gets end up in copy content from other blogs; actually this is not good for any blog to come up with good PageRank. One must have passion of writing new things then only his/her blog will survive in internet world.

The Unavoidable Renewal

Renewal of blog must be done on time or else it might end in expiry of blog. This case happens with most of newbie bloggers. But later when time goes on they start earning from the blog very less in return when compared to their efforts put forth. This is why bloggers don’t renew. I think this shouldn’t be done, you must be dedicated to your blog.


  1. Steve Hughes says:

    These are all solid points. I think the ability to write and having a passion for it is the key. That is the foundation. Most will have to do a fair amount of writing without generating any revenue. This is a big test, because you’re really writing for the “love” of it. I would suggest having a weekly goal of posts. The number is less important, just hit that goal. Have a good weekend.
    Steve Hughes recently posted..8 Steps to Building a Strong and Fulfilling BlogMy Profile

    • Admin says:

      i totally agree with you Steve. Having goal in mind is the most important thing without worrying about the revenues and the outcomes. happy weekend.

  2. Shrinivas says:

    Yes.. It happens with almost each and every newbies.. Blogging needs dedication and of course passion as you said.. A worth reading post for newbies.
    Shrinivas recently posted..How to Backup Data From PC Automatically?My Profile

  3. Yeremi Akpan says:

    Of all the reasons mentioned, I think the most common is the dream of quick money. Most go into blogging with the mindset that they have stumbled on a get rich quick scheme.

    When the returns are not commensurate with their fantasies, they fall into a depression and throw in the trowel.

    Blogging is the fastest way to establish a reputation online. However, it takes hard work. Any who says differently needs a rethink.
    Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Affiliate Product Selection: Four Tips that will Boost Your IncomeMy Profile

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