Top 5 Best and Easy Tips To Increase your YouTube Video Views

You just uploaded the most amazing video ever that has everything in it to grab the attention of others but wondering why it isn’t getting the number of hits you want. But there are millions of other videos over YouTube that has millions and millions of views and you too can’t resist to view it. And once you see it you must be thinking why I wasted my time to see such dumb video. Here I give you the secret and the Top 5 Best and Easy Tips To Increase YouTube Video Views.

Keywords Plays Major Role

People who own Blogs knows the importance of Keywords. Keywords are very crucial that can make your Post hit by the Google demon that helps you to direct a lot of traffic to your website. And the Keywords plays same role in case of YouTube videos too. Just follow the points given below:

Video file name: if you are willing to have people come looking for your videos by searching for the phrase “most funny video” then name the video something like mostfunnyvideo.avi.

Title: similarly using “most funny video” keywords, you can use title for your video as “Most Funny Video of All Time”.

Tags: Tags play very vital role for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can use tags such as “most”, “funny”, “videos”, “all time”.

Choose An Attention-Grabbing Title

Let me give you an easy thought on this, which one looks more interesting, “Popular Goal By Ronaldo” or “The Best Ever Goal By Ronaldo”. Put some spicy and attracting titles that people can’t resist to click. And put something different to pull in viewers.

Share Your Video

Facebook and Twitter are best suited for free Internet Marketing that can grab attention of millions. Then use them to share your videos with the world. You can tag your friends and family so that it gets chained viewers like friends of friends.

 Allow People To Share Your Video

It is very common with some people that they forget to enable features such as allowing comments, sharing and embedding. So make sure that these features are enabled so that you can get free publicity over others walls. And who knows people may become addicted to your videos and they may recommend it to their friends in turn.

Embed your video

Having a Blog can add an extra advantage because you can embed your videos permanently there. This will surely bring more traffic to your blog. One more amazing thing is that you can even change the embed color of YouTube video player which makes it more attractive for your viewers.


  1. Adrienne says:


    I will admit that all of these tips do help getting your YouTube video attention but promoting it also helps my friend.

    Commenting helps as well but if you do a video comment like just sharing your views about what they shot in their video will get other people’s attention to your channel. Maybe not that one particular video. When you share a video in the comments, most of the time they aren’t accepted because the owner has gotten smart that all you want is link love. But putting a personal touch to it, you can’t go wrong.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and hope you enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted..What Kind Of Reputation Are You BuildingMy Profile

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