Top 5 Reasons Why Online Writers Fail

“I am born to write…”, “I just love writing…”, “I am a pro writer…”

I know it seems a little weird but almost everyone of you out there would have come across such phrases like the above ones. But do you know the truth? Well let me tell you something, it’s all bullshit.

There are only very few online writers who actually does what they say. You can actually see the love and passion for writing in their articles. And they use professional approach to write and express something. And all the other rest haven’t tasted such things and mostly face failures.

So let me ask few questions- Are you a writer? Disappointed with the repeated failure in online writing? Looking for the solutions? Then you must follow this Web Guide on Top 5 Reasons Why Online Writers Fail.

Reasons Why Online Writers Fail

1. Grammatical Errors Are Killing Your Writing

You can consider the sentence “I likes Gadgets” for instance.

By now you may have guessed what I’m trying to tell you. The very first thing is that your grammar is imperfect and secondly you have no idea on how to play with words. The statement mentioned above can be alleged in various different ways. So it’s about time you should stop calling yourself a pro. In order to improve your grammar you can read books, newspapers, watch news and many other things.

2. Inappropriate Puns Makes Online Writers Fail

Lets see another example – “David” is not the same as “David that”

The same mistake again. I would advise you not to play with words if you are not familiar with them, so it will be best if you could avoid them. You will be surprised if you look up the meanings of such words. So better know the meanings before you use them. And if you are familiar with the puns and know to use them better then you will attract a lot more offers.

3. Asking Too Many Questions Is a Turn-Off

“Who? What? When? Why?”

I am sure you will be pissed off if someone asks you these many questions. You can ask questions but in a limit. If you ask too many questions then you are going to turn off many faces. Now you may be thinking why? Well the answer is, it will definitely break the natural flow of your article. So if you are passing on something good for your readers and with full of questions unanswered then it’s about time you must think twice.

4. Wikipedia Style – Popular Reason for Online Writers to Fail

If you are using the way of writing like Wikipedia then I can say its boring, dry, lifeless, bland and most importantly turning your readers away. Well, if you didn’t understood then let me give it you in a straight way- Wikipedia as you all know it is an Encyclopedia. And it is mostly used for reference or educational purposes. And online writing, which is something different has to be cutting-edge and straight to the point.

5. Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over Again

For most of the people 2+2 is always going to be 5 i.e. repeating the same mistake without changing your approach. And if you are sticking to your approach and not even thinking to vary it then it’s about time to stop expecting sky-high results. The only thing you can do is, you have to know what mistakes you are doing and on what basis you can improve on them.

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