Healthy Home Remedies for Heart Burn or Chest Burn

Health plays an important role in this polluted world. But you can find many diseases which are occurring in day today life and one such form is Heartburn. You may have noticed at any point of time in your life the you felt a painful burning sensation in the chest. It is mainly caused due to indigestion. It is not a frequent case but if you get heartburn many times a week then I strongly suggest you to visit your nearest doctor. But if you get it rarely then you can follow this Health Guide to prevent it using Home Remedies.

The main factors that lead to heartburn are:

Stress, Smoking, Drinking, Antibiotics, Spicy foods, Citrus fruits

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How Many People Suffer From Heartburn?

It is very common these days but the research has shown that almost 35% of adults suffer from this but it can easily be treated with home remedies which I am going to provide and has no side effects as these are natural available things.

chest burn or heart burn

Symptoms of Heartburn

Few of the symptoms of heartburn are:

Vomiting, Sour stomach, Burning in the chest, stomach or throat, Loss of appetite, coughing, Nausea, Bad taste in mouth.

Home Remedies for Heartburn

Healthy eating can aid in heartburn but a healthy eating rich in vegetables and fiber is a good start.

a. Peppermint oil or tea:

If stomach is right everything is going to be alright so menthol which is present in the peppermint soothes the stomach. Once you consume it, it relaxes the stomach muscles and leads to less muscle cramping. If you can get rid of this then you can get rid of heartburn. With the help of Peppermint you also get eased gas from your stomach. If you can chew raw peppermint leaves then it is a great way to get rid of heartburn or chest burn.

b. Ginger:

One of the oldest home remedy for heartburn and chest burn is fresh ginger. It generally reduces inflammation that is connected with heart burn and it also treats nausea. You can eat ginger raw but if you find it bitter then you can add it to your food as you cook. You can find some of the ginger teas and tablets that are present at your health food store near your house.

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c. Baking soda and water:

I have tried this method personally and have got relief from chest burn. Its taste is horrible but you can try it to get rid of the burn which is caused in your heart or chest instantly. Take a pinch or 1/3 teaspoon (very small quantity) of baking soda and add it to a glass of warm water and drink it very fast as soon as possible. If you have food diet of taking it without salt then you must not follow this remedy. (Agar aap khane mein namak nahi khatey hai to baking soda pani mein milakar mat piye)

d. Healthy anti heartburn fruits:

You can find many natural fruits which are helpful in preventing chest or heart burn. You can have fruits such as bananas, papayas and rhubarb. But make sure you eat these fresh. But when it comes to rhubarb, you can eat it raw as its stalks and leaves. These fruits calm your stomach and neutralize the acid which is responsible for heartburn and chest burn.


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