How To Control and Quit Smoking

I know it is very difficult to quit smoking but we all know that smoking kills. And if you are making a decision to quit smoking it may have a monumental impact on your Health. You may have seen smokers saying i will quit smoking but saying and quitting are totally two different things. But many smokers have even quit smoking and have saved themselves from dangerous diseases like mouth and lung cancers. So read on this post to know more on How To Control and Quit Smoking.

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Tips To Quit Smoking

1. Keep a small pocket diary with you or make a note in your mobile about the situations and the timing that makes you trigger for smoking. You need to make a note of how intense each feeling to smoke is and after a few days you will be able to graph the pattern of things and situations that attracted you towards smoking.

2. Now you need to make a plan on how to quit or control smoking by developing strategies. I believe that you may be successful for the first time but you have to keep it up. Say for example, if you smoke after having a drink then i say avoid drinking  when you are first giving up cigarettes.

quit smoking

3. Make small changes in your routine to avoid temptation after a meal. Do not look for any place for smoking after having meal instead go for a small or make yourself busy like seeing TV or clean things that will make your mind and hands busy.

4. Alter your morning routine of having tea or coffee with cigarettes. Instead plan to have your coffee or tea at a place where you are not allowed to smoke, like coffee shop or at your office.

5. Some have emotional upsets and tensions like love failure and married life that triggers feeling to have smoke to reduce stress. Instead you can try deep-breathing techniques and you can even go for a quick walk. You can perform yoga to avoid stress and it is Health too.

6. Stay away from other smokers. You can talk to them and have quality time but make sure you don’t join them for smoking. If you take a smoke break at work, you can fill that time gap by chatting with other friends and coworkers and have a healthful snack.

7. You can go for a substitute for smoking like chew sugarless gum or munch on carrots. And now a days other such nicotine replacement products like nicotine gum are also available to avoid smoking.

8. A big problem with many people quitting smoking is that the weight they may gain. But instead you can go for a healthy exercise and this way your body will also become healthier. 

9. You need to maintain a proper mindset in order to quit and control smoking. Keep your loved ones photo in your purse or wallet and see it whenever you feel to smoke you can stop smoking at least for your loved ones. 

10. I hope these Tips will definitely help you. You can comment in our comment section about your views below.

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