Health Facts and Remedies To Take Care Of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding from gums often results in infection, injury or inflammation of the gums which is a serious Health issue. Bleeding starts when the plaque is removed in adequate amount from the teeth gum line. Continuous gum bleeding might result in serious infection such as leukemia and bleeding and platelet disorders and it is caused by bacteria. Due to which infection is developed in the space might cause, bone loses and teeth become loose, move around and may fall out.


Bleeding gums is bacterial, viral or fungal infections caused in the gums and teeth. These bacteria are produces acids and toxins that cause erosion and inflammation to the gums. Not brushing teeth can results in bleeding gums in adults and even in children. Bleeding of gums found maximum in females than males. At the base of teeth marginal gingivitis is common as bleeding from gums. It is serious problem of blood disorder.


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Symptoms of blood in gums are due to following reasons.

  • Blood which is bleeding can also known by its taste.
  • It is known by bad breath from mouth.
  • Collapse of gums causes bleeding.
  • Bleeding of gums due to slight injury or even touch.
  • Very sensitive teeth.
  • Red, tender or swollen gums.


Basically here treatment of bleeding is done through home remedies which are given below.

  • Brush your teeth with soft-bristle toothbrush after every meal.
  • Avoid Alcohol based mouthwash.
  • Soak gauze pad in ice water and then apply pressure it can control bleeding.
  • Completely avoid tobacco, which causes bleeding.
  • Go to better and practiced dentist for bleeding disease to have effective treatment.
  • Avoid aspirin like drug unless it is prescribed by doctor, as aspirin makes blood thin.
  • Don’t ignore gum bleeding problem.


Keep your blood sugar normal, brush your teeth in small circular fashion on gums, scrapping up and down several times after each meal and snacks. False teeth must be kept cleaned and washed well. Often get clean your teeth and gums cleaned and checked by good dentist. When you visit dentist let him know that you have diabetes.


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