Half of Parents Join Facebook to Creep on Their Kids[Infographics]

Facebook is the best place to share anything and everything. And this thing only leads young generations ending up in trouble so in order to keep a track of the activities most of the parents join Facebook to creep on their kids. So before you read on this post ask a question to yourself that are you friends with your parents on Facebook? You will be shocked to find out that  one in two parents join Facebook in order to keep an eye on their kids.

It is a very fast growing Technology and digital world where it is very difficult for the parents to track their kids activities so going for Social Media is the best option they can have.

Let me give you some goosebumps by giving you the fact that 45%  of parents around the world check out their kid’s profile daily. And in this most of the important is given to the status they share, photos they get tagged in. Below is a Infographic given that shows all the data in a clear manner. so check it out and comment your views too.


So if you are about to plan some weird out house late night party at your friend’s and planning to post it on your status then you are going to get some of the sour groundings. So better watch out from your parents and be safe on Facebook.

This entire data is the courtesy of Education Database Online, it is a resource designed to help current and prospective students learn about the many educational opportunities.

source [Mashable]


  1. Akos Fintor says:

    Hilarious Inforgraphic,

    Facebook is addictive regardless of age, sex or interest. It has changed the way we communicate and the way information flows.
    Very cool thanks for the share!

    Akos Fintor

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