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Twitter Will Give You Penalty Like Panda, Penguin In Future!

People all around the world makes use of Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. As a result, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is being used forcefully in corporate world. The main topic that I am going to discuss here is that unnatural activities of Twitter will give you penalty like panda, penguin in future. As […]

Facebook’s Friendship Pages Redesigned-See Everything You’ve Ever Shared With Someone

If you are a Facebook geek then you must have come across a feature called Friendship Pages. It enables you to see all the wall posts, updates, and photos that you were tagged in with someone. And guess what this feature is getting redesigned. Let me tell you one more thing that Facebook is launching the […]

Has Facebook Started Turning Grey?

Facebook! The world’s favorite Social Networking website has had an extraordinary and remarkable journey all through until the recent past. This service initially created to connect the students of Harvard, went ahead and touched the everyday lives of people living across the globe. Friends, photos, videos, statuses and many more..All what is required to give that […]

Top 5 Best Steps To Promote Your Freelance Career or Business Using Twitter

Twitter is one Social Media Tool that if used properly can take your Freelance Career or Business to the sky high reaching limits. But many people have fallacy that the only way to be successful on Twitter is having many followers. Yes I agree you need followers but not that many to get the desired results. […]

Facebook To Save Lives With New Lifesaving Feature

As you know “Facebook” is a top social networking site and most popular website for staying in touch with your loved ones, friends and families. Every day Facebook is trying to hit with new kind of features for users. And those features are very useful not only for entertainment purpose and also for running life […]

Best 6 Ways on How To Acquire New Customers via Social Media

Social Networking sites are booming faster than news channel. If any brands wish to increase their sales, you can go with this Social Network customers or users of Twitter and Facebook. Well it depends how well your product attract your customers. Get Your Search On You know everyday all around the world there are more […]

5 Ways to Rescue Your Crucial Social Media Data from Oblivion

In this rapid moving world you can almost find anyone using many of the Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and much more. The Social Media pace is moving with a lightning fast jus like a bolt of lightning and what ever you share  or Tweet it just get lost in few seconds. […]