Best 6 Ways on How To Acquire New Customers via Social Media

Social Networking sites are booming faster than news channel. If any brands wish to increase their sales, you can go with this Social Network customers or users of Twitter and Facebook. Well it depends how well your product attract your customers.

Get Your Search On

You know everyday all around the world there are more than 400 million tweets sent per day and more than 500million visitors of Facebook. Social Media can bring about the best traffic to your site and can benefit your business. The key is proactive, search engine itself searches all the way and brings you customer. Many customers are switching to Social Networking sites for even a small business.

Use Images to Engage

For a brand-picture talks everything, pictures which are used must be related to your product to keep attracting customers. So if you’re trying to attract new customer everyday, start taking snaps. There are many foods and music brand which post their product pictures in Facebook and get much amount of sale through these Social Media sites.

Host a Competition

Attracting customers by brand is very old policy to sell their best product. Same logic is also applied for attracting new followers to visit your site, arrange some fun contest. But be strategic what you are offering to your visitor or else you would land up in some problem.

Spice Up The Platforms

There are so many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Triberr and Pinterest which can cross pollinate sparingly, if a user sees the same information everywhere, users might follow in all Social Media sites for an instant. After searching real Facebook fans you can award something. This is how you can spice up platforms on your site.

Make It Personal

Making personal relationship with your customer is huge, difficult and important task which makes to build relationships and loyalty. Try to answer query of customers as soon as possible when it is posted, this gives impact on customers as importance to service. Then most of people will prefer your service.

Let Your Customers Shine

Try to shine your customer in your site which will create more honored to them. Female like to talk about wearing on most of the sites and they also like to talk about weddings and cocktail parties. You can also arrange a weekly style award contest on your Facebook page where women can share photos of themselves in RTR dresses.


  1. Adrienne says:

    Well those are some great tips

    I personally love the building relationships part of it. I find that much more enjoyable. That trust factor is huge, especially online.

    I’m not so great at holding competitions but you just never know what I might pull out of my sleeve.

    I definitely love sharing images so you have got my attention in this post.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

    Adrienne recently posted..6 Tips On How To Get Subscribers On YouTubeMy Profile

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing those great tips. The whole point of social media is to interact with your customers hear what they have to say and grab their attention where ever you can. Now a days everyone is always so busy so getting your point across quickly and efficiently in a catchy way can do wonders for you and your company. Another thing is that humans are visual beings so visuals are important.
    Sarah recently posted..Flaw in Popular Mobile Apps Exposes Users to Identity TheftMy Profile

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