Facebook’s Friendship Pages Redesigned-See Everything You’ve Ever Shared With Someone

If you are a Facebook geek then you must have come across a feature called Friendship Pages. It enables you to see all the wall posts, updates, and photos that you were tagged in with someone. And guess what this feature is getting redesigned. Let me tell you one more thing that Facebook is launching the facebook.com/us. It is more of like a quick link for couples to see their Friendship Pages. If you’ve used and still remember it then you may have noticed that the previous design was jammed on the unattractive, old profile format, but now it is all new that look like a shared Timeline.

Excited? I guess so. Wanna check out your Friendship Page with someone? Well, you can do that by going to their Profile->Clicking the gear icon on the right top corner->See Friendship. This allows you to browse your likes and mutual friends, the pics you were tagged in together. And you can also see a timeline of all the posts that you were in together.


If you are a couple then it’s even easier. All you need to do is go to http://www.facebook.com/us and more over if you are in a relationship with your loved one on Facebook, you will see your Friendship Page. But if you are a lone wolf then you will be reverted back to your FB profile. This redesign and couples pages things are rolling out starting today, so you may still see the old design for a while.

The whole intention behind Friendship Pages is to remind you that your whole life is on Facebook.  And it almost looks like if you leave, you lose. If you are not aware then let me tell you that this feature was launched two years ago but it hasn’t gotten much love since. But it looks like today’s update is much bright and looks nice because they’re a cute way to lighten memories with someone of your own kind.


  1. Ahsan says:

    I guess it will help Facebook users to be more addictive to Facebook. But I love this new Friendship page although I haven’t seen yet
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