Twitter Will Give You Penalty Like Panda, Penguin In Future!

People all around the world makes use of Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. As a result, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is being used forcefully in corporate world.

The main topic that I am going to discuss here is that unnatural activities of Twitter will give you penalty like panda, penguin in future. As you are aware of the fact that there are millions of people around the globe who uses Twitter to direct traffic to their Blogs, make and find friends, build network and also to grow Business online.

 I am a regular Twitter user and I come across various people’s activities on Twitter that looks like spammers’. You may expect Social Media taking steps against spammers in future, which we have already seen Google taking steps against SEO spammers in the form of Google Panda and Penguin algorithms.

twitter panda penguin update

Various List of Spamming Technique in Twitter:

Direct Message

You must have come across that when you follow someone and the very next moment you get Direct Message that “thank you so much for follow” and also some times a msg like “Download Internet Marketing Tips”. Instead of doing something automated I personally think that it’s a very bad sign of Social Media. If you wish to send a DM to that person you better manually do the process. Relationships are made stronger via Social Media platform. Make a note that you gotta treat Social Media as your baby, you will get success always.

Auto Follow

You find numerous Twitter Profiles which has got thousands or even millions of followers but you know what most of these profiles has got followers via different Auto Follow Tools. I am not saying that these Tools are bad things but the use of these tools for increasing Twitter followers is a real bad and mean thing. It only means that you are using Social Media for belligerent link building. What I suggest is that your follower’s ratio must be 1:1.

 “Hashtag” is Black Hat Command

Hashtag are used to give a hint about the tweeted post but if you are using multiple hashtags in a single tweet then it’s definitely spamming.

Example of Spamming Tweets:

“Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Tips – #affiliate #tips #marketing“

From my perspective it is definitely spamming. And if you have thoughts like by doing this you will get more followers then you should give an another thought to it. The best tip I can give is that let your tweets be short and simple in descriptive and most importantly with limited hashtag.

Tweeting Jokes and Quotes in Professional Twitter Accounts

Sometimes I come across some of the corporate Twitter Accounts like big Automobiles companies who use to tweet jokes and senseless quotes. The big thinking behind is that by doing so they will get more followers on Twitter and in return more retweets. But in reality the genuine followers will start to unfollow your corporate accounts for which you are supposed to post only relevant things according to your brand.

Bombarding Bulk Tweets

So, wise guy if you think that bombarding 50 tweets in less than an hour will get you more followers and you will reach on top and your followers will live all the time for your tweets then it is wrong thinking again, as you are literally killing your own followers by this way.

So what I am trying to say is that Social Media is to spread love, relationship and most importantly online business. So use it wisely and do activity on Twitter with love and genuineness. So folks whats your thoughts on this? Pop them in the comment section below.


  1. Adrienne says:


    Like anything else online there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.

    As far as the DM’s go, mine is still automatic but once again there is a right way to do this. People soon forget that being non social media sites is not about them. It’s about connecting with others and helping them. Now I’m sure that everyone believes their content and information is the very best but you have to get to know them before you can share that info with them. I give them the opportunity to share with me who they are. Works like a charm.

    I agree with you about the rest of it. I would think that the only thing Twitter will start paying attention to besides self promotion all the time are the hashtags. The rest is up to the individuals to go about the right way. But that’s okay really, they’ll learn soon enough that what they’re doing is not working for them.

    Thanks for the tips.


    Adrienne recently posted..Has Your Minnow Gone Lost In The Sea Of Internet Marketers?My Profile

  2. Hi

    It’s my first time visiting you here. I love your blog, well done!

    Social media is such an interesting topic here, I remember the days when auto DM’ing a link to something would yield much better results than it does today.

    I think it’s so important for us to keep aware of how our actions effect others in this ever-changing “peer experience-driven” arena.

    I also agree with you on these points you have made, but especially with regard to what you and Adrienne both feel about hashtag over-use. I have sometimes felt confused when trying to decipher messages that are so laden with hashtags. lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds them to be a bit of an eyesore when over-used!

    Wonderful points of consideration all around, Thanks for sharing your insights!

    Cat 😉

    • Admin says:

      Welcome to the blog Cat!
      i am glad you liked my post. And yeah over usage of hashtags bugs lot of people all around. thank you for stopping by. have a great day 🙂

  3. Ahsan says:

    This is very important information for all twitter account holders. Certainly its tough to improve followers dramatically.. But I saw in lots of Twitter account, it increases rapidly. So it is a good punishment for them
    Ahsan recently posted..Essential Things To Do Right After You Setup Windows 8My Profile

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