5 Ways to Rescue Your Crucial Social Media Data from Oblivion

In this rapid moving world you can almost find anyone using many of the Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and much more. The Social Media pace is moving with a lightning fast jus like a bolt of lightning and what ever you share  or Tweet it just get lost in few seconds. But you wouldn’t want to miss out any of the data that you shared among the world, so we have 5 ways to rescue your Social data from the Internet’s point of no return. Just follow the post all the way to the end.


5 Ways to Export Your Social Data

1. Facebook

Facebook has the facility that allows you download a copy of your data; it makes an archive of it and sends the download link to your associated e-mail. The only con in this feature is that you have no freedom of filtering your download package data. Comments made on other’s posts are not included in this archive which is downloadable by the user.

2. ifttt.com

Ifttt is a multifaceted site that follows the algorithm “If this, then that.” allowing you to set up specific tasks. Let’s say you can set it up so that your tweets are sent to Evernote or Google Calendar. Many different Social Networks and web tools are available for you to choose from.

3. Google Takeout

Google also has a built-in archive service for its apps such as Google+, Google Docs, Contacts or Google Voice. If you have loads of data then it may take a while to download but the biggest relief for the users is that they have all the freedom in the world to filter out their data to download.

4. tweetguard

Tweetguard which is evergreen free, can archive and export your tweets, it can also archive the tweets you set as favorite and a list of your friends too. This archive service is very easy to use and if you have loads of data along with many tweets then it may take a while for you to download the archive.

5. BackupMyTweets

It is a free service and is a part of BackupMyNet, which has the ability to back up your mail, blog, and online photos. It is really amazing for a basic archive to export to another format. It is also very swift to update.


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