The All New 6.1 inch BIG Screen Smartphone

We really don’t know where this Technology is going to lead us in the near future. But seeing various Gadgets and Smartphones coming out daily with awesome features and Technology integrated would give you an idea. You can find various Smartphones in the market like Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and many more. The previous big screen Smartphone was Samsung Galaxy Note II which is 5.55 inches. But it is a thing of past in this fast developing Gadget world.

 Now, Note II is challenged by enormous 6.1 inches big screen Smartphone by Huawei none other than Ascend Mate phablet. If you are a big Smartphone lover then this big baby is just for you. You may have to put on some extra large pocket pants in order to hold it. So let us see some of the specifications of the Ascend Mate phablet by Huawei.

The specifications of Huawei Ascend Mate Phablet are:

  • It has a display of 6.1 inch Full HD 1920×1080 px.
  • Current OS of this big Smartphone is Android but the version is kept secret.
  • It is powered by a 1.8 GHz quad core processor.
  • It has the best battery life of 4,000mAh.
  • The price of Huawei Ascend Mate phablet is appx.:$480
  • It also includes dual WiFi receivers which is capable of up to 150Mbps speed.big screen smartphone huawei

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With a powerful processor it is powered by Android that utilizes at its best performance to give you the high quality HD gaming and video graphics on this awesome BIG screen. With this device you get 361 pixels-per-inch, by this you get pixel density which is higher than the iPhone 5. But this Smartphone is a little thicker in dimension than the Galaxy Note II, but it’s in mm though. The announcement and other details are not confirmed but you may see this device into market very soon so stay tuned.

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