7 Things To Look For When Buying A Cheap Tablet

Tablet is the most useful and luxury device according to Gadgets digital markets. Tablet acts as a parandroid which includes both the characteristics of Smartphone and as Laptop. So while choosing a Tablet in this Gadget crowd we must note selected important things. There are many branded Tablets which are out of our budget and we are not able to afford. Follow this Gadget Guide on 7 Things To Look For When Buying A Cheap Tablet.

Android 2.3 or Earlier

In this crowded digital market there are many kinds of Tablet which are still running with old version Operating system of Androids. Try not to buy Android Tablets which are with less than version 4.0 ICS.  If you buy less than version 4.0 you might face much hardware handling problems.

 Web OS

Along with Android OS Tablets there are other Tablets which are running with Web OS. You can mainly see in HP TouchPad which came in market with good opening for short time, later its market fell down. So there are many other factors which can make hardware device to run slower.

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Windows CE

Microsoft is rolling with their Windows CE on their Tablet. Windows 8 has already come in market with best future features. There are many companies which build Tablets with Windows CE for cheap. That is not up to user handling level since there is much advancement in technology today.


Applications are important features which describes how Tablet is efficient in running hardware and how it helps user. Android has more than 500,000 Apps for its Android users where iTunes has more than 650,000 Apps. Windows in future can bring to that level where Android and iTunes are standing.

Resistive Vs. Capacitive

This are two kinds of touchscreens available in Tablet market. Both are good at their own features, neither of them is bad. Only thing you have to understand features they offer to users. Resistive touch screen Tablets are good when they use stylus where’s capacitive are best and faster responsive one. Many high class Tablets prefer capacitive one.

Connection Issues

Most of the cheap Tablets will have only Wi-Fi connections, don’t expect that you will have 2G or 3G connection. Since those devices are really expensive to buy. Only premium Tablet will have good facility of all connection. Note that Wi-Fi connection range will be limited in your room only don’t expect for longer range.

Battery Life

Longest battery life till now was tested in premium Tablets and it was up to maximum of 14 hours of single charge. Where as in cheap Tablets you can get around 2-4 hours of single charge. Highest charge which was noticed was 6 hrs in some cheap Tablets.


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