7 Tips And Tricks For Better Use Of Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung has come with new idea to lower gap between Smartphone and a tablet with new kind’s Technology. The new feature and advanced Technology you have Noted spec sheet which has fast access abilities. Here are some Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note users.

Easy Access To Menu, Close A Task

Your Gadget is provided with S-pen which is comfortable in using it. The S-pen is used for opening and closing Menu and task bar easily. Click the S-pen button and swipe to left to close a used task. When you press pen button along with swiping upwards pulls up the menu.

Short Cut To Google Search

This short cut is present in almost all Galaxy Tablets. All you need to do is keep pressing menu button; it will automatically take you to Google Search.

Three Routes To Screenshots

There are best ways to take screenshots. It has made easier than early just you have to press + power option and screen will be captured. Another one is by pressing S-pen button and by holding it on screen quick shot will be taken. Next way of taking shot is most interesting one move palm on screen sideward’s quickly shot will be taken and stored.

Edit And Crop Right There

As and when you take screen shot the picture can directly be edited. Editing tools will appear on screen which will enable you to take fun stuff and cropped image to desired area.

Resizable Widgets

Galaxy Note has larger screen so the Samsung has given option to resize certain widgets, bookmarks, weather and S-memo. Simply tap and leave, you will see line around border using which you can resize icon.

Brightness On Finger Tips

Just press and hold the status bar for few seconds and you will see slider to adjust brightness of screen. By moving to left brightness will be reduced and moving right it will tend to increase. To use this option you need to turn off auto option of brightness of device.

Handwriting To Text

This is most interest Tip by using S-Memo, just scribble down your message and click down to menu button you will find handwriting to text option which will convert your handwritten to text message. This Tip is very useful for those who are not comfortable with keypad.


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