How To Install Siri on iPad, iPhone 4/3gs, iPod Touch With i4Siri Proxy

If you are looking for a Web Guide which tells you How to install Siri on your Smartphone or on an A4 device then you are on the correct place. The experience wouldn’t have been same on iPhone without Siri. There are various other Siri clones that you can find over Android and iOS market, but no one could match Siri for Apple’s iPhone. With the help of Siri you can schedule meeting, search weather, manage calendars, locate friends, search Google and much more.

Siri for iPad and A4 devices

As we all know Siri is pre built on iPhone but not available to the A4 devices and which leads to jailbreak by users and adopting few of the cydia tweaks.

i4Siri for iPad and A4 device

Prior to installing i4Siri proxy server on your device you must understand the preconditions. Because jailbreaking is involved for your iDevice first.

 install siri on iphone, ipad, ipod

Steps for iPhone and iPod Touch

Step 1: The very first thing is you need to Install Spire. You can do that by launching Cydia and the searching for Spire. The size of the file to be downloaded is over 100MB files so better use WiFi connection in this process.

Step 2: Once it is installed, go to Settings-> General –> Siri and you must see to that Toggle is ON. By this it will activate the Siri like of Spire.

Step 3: Go to your browser Safari and launch the following link Install the certificate prompted.

Step 4: And finally go to Settings-> Spire and include the following URL in Proxy Host field

Once done click Home button and Siri will start talking to you.

you can find all the steps of this post in the video given below:

Steps for iPad and iPad 2 users

Step 1: you need to go to Cydia and repo

Step 2: The next step is to add

Step 3: Then search and install i4Siri iPad

Step 4: Hit back to Settings-> General-> Siri and turn Siri ON

Step 5: Hit back to Settings-> i4siri and install certificate

Step 6: Hit back to Settings-> Spire and enter proxy address.

The above steps will install and activate Siri on iPad and iPad 2 devices and you can use it henceforth without any trouble.


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