How To Hide Your LAN IP Address For Internet Security

If you want to secure your internet and LAN security then you must know how to hide your LAN IP address for internet security. Hackers have being more in today’s daily work, they think of knowing many addresses, links and they feel to hack and get there work done. Likewise, there are even keen to hack upon the IP addresses of users which are using and connecting through to the net. People think why we put network connections, lets just hack someone’s and use it and make our amends reached out. Then there are many ways of getting done hacked, and then your LAN connection addresses through which you have connected get hacked up and used, and then highly you have to pay for it a lot.

These issues might have crossed you up a lot times, but still you are unaware of how to hide certain LAN IP address. There are numerous techniques which you can apply before you connect to through your LAN IP address. The ways of doing those features in order to hide the IP address of your LAN are as follows:

  • First enter in your internet explorer and then before writing the link on the taskbar, rightly go to the top bar of explorer.
  • Then there are various fields like windows, tools and others, click on the tools option.
  • In the tools option, you click on internet settings and the window for that will appear as you click.
  • Within that internet settings there will be certain menus, you need to click on the connection menu.
  • Within that connection menu, you will have a box saying LAN settings, there make the click on to it.
  • Then the very next thing after you have entered within LAN settings is:
    • Type within the box first as
    • Then write the number within port box as 8231
    • Then enter the ok button twice.
    • There’s it and finally you have made your LAN settings in a perfect manner.

So before you set up working for internet connection, just be very careful with internet connections, there are many user are sitting, they try to do is just enter the LAN address, try to configure all IP addresses within the command prompt box, try to check the request and send with the number of bits being send and received in a proper condition, and through this way they send all the addresses, so if you move with the above process, you will have no issue and will maintain all the LAN IP address you connect to.


  1. meery james says:

    nice tips. i thought only few tools can only be used to hide the IP addresses. but it seems you have explained in a whole lot of different manner. well i liked a lot.
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