How To Check If Website Is Down or Not

Almost every single person on the earth browse for all sorts of info, and most probably you can find most of the youths on Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Now sometime while browsing through a website you may find an error dialog box stating that Server Not Found, Check your Internet connection.

And this is very common when any educational institutes release their department results. So does any one know what does that message mean? I guess most of the amateurs don’t. The error message may have occurred because of many reasons like; the site can be actually down for any sort of maintenance or any up-gradation work.

It may be also that your local service provider has any issues with that particular site. Now these are the very common reasons that almost every one knows. But have you ever come across that there may be a possibility that your computer may be affected by any virus which is prohibiting your system to gain direct connection to the web.

So the bottom line is, whatever may be the reason or cause the only question is how can you know if any site is really down or it is only with your pc? Well I’ve got an ultimate solution for you to check if website is down or not. It is made possible all thanks to DND Tools and it is very effective too.

All you need to do is just use this tool by clicking the above link and type the URL or the IP address for the site that you want to check if website is down or not.  But don’t forget to click on port 80 before you hit enter. I hope this post on how to check if website is down or not may have helped you.

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  1. Ahsan says:

    Sometimes it happens to my site too. The site not found. But when I restart PC it shows alright. May be this is browser cookies problem. You described the error problem very well

  2. joseph says:

    well i gotta say this tool is quite interesting. you just get all the necessary info that you are looking for a site if it is down.
    joseph recently posted..How to Survive as a Virtual AssistantMy Profile

  3. Pavan Somu says:

    I generally use downforeveryoneorjustme for this purpose.

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