What Happens To Email And Social Networking Accounts After We Die?

Have you ever come across a thought that what will happen to your Email Accounts and Social Networking sites Accounts such as Facebook when you are no more? Really it’s a tough situation but there are certain processes you can have if you want someone else to precede with your accounts. Are you seriously thinking what would happen with the email accounts, social networking websites accounts and other created by you after death? Then don’t panic, as here are some processes for them:

Accessing Gmail Account After A Person’s Death:

If a person is dead and you want to get the ownership you will have to send a fax or an email to Google with the following informations.

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Steps for the respective person who can carry out the account of expired user through:

  1. Name, location, present address at which you are living should be given.
  2. Scan a photocopy of any Government issued ID like driving licence, pan card or voter card which ever you hold with.
  3. Next process is to give the email ID you would like to carry on of the user who expired.
  4. Death Proof to be submitted after completion of the above steps.
  5. After all these processes done then you can carry on with the expired user’s ID.

Postal Mail:

Google Inc.
Attention: Gmail User Support- Decedents’ Accounts
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Fax: 650-644-0358

Google will take 30 days to process and validate the documents that you have provided.

For more information on accessing a dead person’s Gmail go to this ->page.

Accessing Facebook Account after a Person’s Death:

Steps to make you use the account of the expired user

  1. For more info please go to this ->page
  2. The very thing next to be done after you goes through the deceased form; fill in the requirements asked for in it.
  3. After completion of the form, submit and there you can start up with the account of expired user.


  1. Adrienne says:

    To be honest with you, I haven’t given that much thought. I mean I don’t foresee that happening for another 40 years or so and I do know we all need to be prepared. My family wouldn’t have the first clue about everything I even have going online so I have a feeling my sites will just fall by the wayside. Kind of sad actually but this information is very helpful for those whose family would like for their legacy to live on through social media. I might have to give this more thought.

    Thanks for these tips…

    Adrienne recently posted..My Secret Twitter StrategyMy Profile

  2. Ahsan says:

    Most of the mail accounts & social networks will be useless after ownership’s dead. But this process is so handy. I guess very few know this tricks.
    Ahsan recently posted..Convert Your Profile Picture To CartoonMy Profile

  3. In the coming days, there might be something new that we have to use in our daily lives and maybe there won’t be any facebook or emails at that point of time. Time flies
    Bishwajeet @Comptalks recently posted..How to change/edit Facebook Page NameMy Profile

  4. Sarah says:

    That is something i often think about. Are the email addresses, Social media accounts ect just left floating around in cyber space, or are they cancelled or taken over . Just what happens to them. Thank you for the interesting information, always wanted to know what actually happens. I am sure there is a some sort of technical process.
    Sarah recently posted..Four Advantages of Call Centre’sMy Profile

  5. Dave M. Saha says:

    Firstly, great, thought-provoking post.

    Frankly, I’ve thought about this subject quite much lately. I just can’t imagine my relatives digging through all the accounts I have made and getting rid of them. I mean, even I cannot find my own accounts on other sites. lol Anywho. I think if they at least inform the people on my blog and update my status on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, I’ll be grateful.

    Dave M. Saha recently posted..Books, books, booksMy Profile

  6. Atish says:

    Great post. Love it No likes to write about deaths and all but you did and its good. Atleast I know now how to access accounts after someone is dead.

  7. Barry Wells says:


    I came over after finding your link and post description on Adrienne’s blog.

    Strangely enough this has been on my mind lately, after attending 2 funerals of friends that passed in their forty’s.

    We never know what’s around the corner so it’s always good to have something in place just in case. The main areas of concern for me though are the accounts that hold my money: PayPal, clickbank etc as well as those accounts that are set up for automatic payment: Hosting and membership sites etc.

    Of course I’d like my family to tell my friends online about my passing so this post is a great help 🙂


    Barry Wells recently posted..Creating and Using Secure Passwords With EaseMy Profile

    • Admin says:

      Hey Barry!
      Welcome to my little Blog. i’m very happy that you found this post interesting. And ya i completely agree on the fact that we never know what’s around the corner. And never talk about the passing, i pray god that he gives you long life and good health.

  8. Cool post. Either mail or Social account both runs for the person’s own creativity and communication.
    Technology has given a right room to access valuable info even the persons absence. That’s really great and useful.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post.
    Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted..An Intuitive Cloud Concept For Image ResizeMy Profile

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