Why We Should Not Press F1 Key While Browsing on The Internet

Microsoft found a flaw in its Software. And this giant recommended users not to press F1 key while Browsing over the Internet. So lets us see this flaw and precautions to take in this Web Guide on why we should not press F1 while Browsing on the Internet.

Why we should not press F1 while Browsing on the Internet?

Yes you heard right, pressing F1 while Browsing on Internet can be malicious. Some of the coding which is running in Microsoft based OS while Browsing Internet, turns to be weaker. Microsoft Security said, some weakness has been discovered in VBScript which is affecting computer running Windows XP and Internet Explorer Browser (IE).

F1 key is usually meant for calling help function in Windows Application, but it is turning to be exploited while Browsing. When malicious site display some unknown dialog box or some site try to stop activity of user while Browsing. That time user opt for help function F1 it turns to be greatly malicious to it.

Some code of Internet Explorer tend to change weaker while Browsing, whenever user click for Help Function while Browsing other Malicious code can run on a computer on its own authority. Well Microsoft is trying to work on it and going to build coding to prevent this kind of attack in user’s system.

Here are several ways to prevent malicious attack to your computer.

  • Avoid pressing F1 while some site display dialog box.
  • Close access to Windows help
  • Change settings of rule from IE security to High to Block ActiveX
  • Change IE in such order which shows warning when trying to run ActiveX.

After setting those changes in your Browser you will not be affected by those malicious programs. After getting this awareness you will not Browse that malicious site which can read your data without knowing you. I hope this Web Guide will surely help you to be on safer side. You can always add a comment below to express your views over it.


  1. I just want to say thank you for providing us this information. I was able to gain understanding on why we should not press F1 when browsing the internet. Thanks for the update.
    Kathryn F. Koopman recently posted..Plagiarisma.net – Is it Really Reliable in Checking Duplicate Content?My Profile

  2. It is an interesting information but Windows XP, is not not a bit obsolete? Anyway, I use chrome, not Internet Explorer and I must be safer, isn’t it?
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Anti Spam Effort with Comment Spam Filter to Make Your WordPress Blog HealthierMy Profile

    • Admin says:

      yes it is obsolete. but still there are many educational institutions in india and most of them being schools still use the good old XP and even IE for browsing and other purposes.

  3. kadar says:

    nice information……….

  4. Dave M. Saha says:

    Interesting information. Even though I use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (haven’t touched IE in years), I’m still on an XP computer so I think I am under certain risk. I don’t use the default help sheets anyway, though.

    Thank you for keeping us informed. Cheers.
    Dave M. Saha recently posted..Books, books, booksMy Profile

  5. Pavan Somu says:

    Never came across this. Thanks for the useful tips.
    Pavan Somu recently posted..6 Simple Tips For a Newbie Blogger To Obtain More TrafficMy Profile

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