How to Create a False Facebook Status

Facebook is one Social Media site that has taken world by storm. It is mostly used by the young generation people. So have you ever thought of doing something different on Facebook like Create False Facebook Status that will not only shock your friends but almost everyone who sees it. So follow these Tips and Tricks given in this Web Guide.

Step To Create a False Facebook Status

Step 1– You need to go to an application by clicking on “Wall Machine” and after that click on Connect.

Step 2 Now you have the option where you can edit name, comments, status , likes and pictures.

Step 3– Now, click on name to edit name and on status in order to edit status.

Step 4– You can also add pictures by clicking on the left side of the name.

facebook fake status update

Step 5-  Next, you need to click on like and rename it, as you desire and for editing comments click on it and  after that you can edit comments.

fb chat faces and chat tricks

This is it folks and your False Facebook Status will be created. I hope you liked these Facebook Tips and Tricks.

Latest Facebook Trick: Now it is possible for you to write your Facebook status in blue color as generally Facebook status texts are black in color by default. Just copy and paste the given code below in your status and update it.

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: write status here]]

Instead of WRITE STATUS HERE, write your own status that you want to share with your friends. And click Enter.

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