Facebook To Save Lives With New Lifesaving Feature

As you know “Facebook” is a top social networking site and most popular website for staying in touch with your loved ones, friends and families. Every day Facebook is trying to hit with new kind of features for users. And those features are very useful not only for entertainment purpose and also for running life smoothly. So user doesn’t get bored up and they get new kind of experience every time they visit website.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg is going to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America to introduce its new upcoming feature that “could save lives”. Here in this technology, available in Facebook “chat”, messaging system will be helpful for people who get suicidal thoughts. This feature will allow that person to get directly connect with Facebook Lifeline crisis counselor.

This feature is going to be introduced on Facebook this Tuesday. Because most of people are addicted to this top social networking site and that is booming these days and continues to get more attractive even when people are in dilemma or sad with their life. Here crisis center worker will be there for 24 hours a day to provide service in most critical situation of life.

Here main aim of Facebook is to provide effective treatments for suicidal individual to gain hope and make him learn to live and Facebook knows how powerful personal connection and support can be provided to that person. This feature will surely improve safety for person on its site.

The science says that people’s suicidal thoughts can be removed when there is quick intervention in his thinking. While in this situation many people don’t like talk to anyone but here Facebook has made service into instant messaging is most perfect one.

You can even use this feature like; if you spot your friend or person has suicidal thought just go in to Facebook by clicking a link next near comment which individual has posted. Facebook will send email to that concern person who posted suicidal comment encouraging him make call to hotline, were he can begin confidential chat.

After this feature gets launched tomorrow, Facebook service will be able to change mind of suicidal thought person into life giving one. Really this service is going to be awesome.


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