Facebook Is Building a Search Engine [REPORT]

We all know the fact that the Google is the Best and the number one Search Engine in the whole wide world and you can’t deny it as you may have used it to search something once in a lifetime. And on the other hand Facebook being the Best in the Social Media.

You can find millions of users online on Facebook all the time 24×7. What if Facebook integrates a Search Engine in its site? It will be much easier for the users to just find what they are looking for in one place like their Facebook profile home page without navigating to a new window and Search in other sites such as Google.

It looks like Facebook is building a Google rival, one that would use your location and your friends’ tastes? According to Businessweek report a team of more than 20 Engineers lead by a former Google programmer is working on an awesome Search Engine on the site that satisfies all your needs that you are searching for.

The main idea, according to two sources, there are millions of users who heaps about various content on Facebook everyday and this advantage can be taken to build such Search Engine with many ideas. Such advantages can also be taken from the people who share their status updates and supports brand pages on this Social Media network.

Google already rooted its presence in the social space, by providing the Google+ network last fall and a “Search, Plus Your World” feature. So folks it will be interesting to see what Facebook make a stronger move into the Search world.

All I can say, if the Businessweek report is true, then there would be more competition in this area of Search world. Well Social Media with a Search Engine looks like a pretty cool combination to me with loads of features to provide.


  1. Ahsan says:

    Google is the giant Search Engine. I am not sure will Facebook get success in search Engine. Google already beats yahoo, bing etc. all major search engines.

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