Home Remedies for Balancing Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi Khisakna

Many people suffer this strange Health problem which is Stomach Pain or so called imbalance of Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi. So I will give you some tips on how to and Home Remedies for Balancing Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi.

Home Remedy and Tips For Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi Khisakna

  • According to science Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi placed in the center of the body right under your belly button.
  • And if it is dislocated somehow by any means then you are in big Health troubles which may lead to intense Stomach Pain, Loss of appetite, loose motion, gas problem and loss of body fluids which will weak you down.
  • I have personally experienced all these Health problems recently and I only know the pain. So to help you people and make you aware about all the Home Remedy and Tips For Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi.
  • The main cause of imbalance for Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi is that you may have tripped by obstacle on the way while walking or you must have slipped in the stairs, you must have walked or driven a vehicle on a path that is uneven and full of pits.
  • All these and many other causes makes upside down movements in the central part of your body where Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi lies.
  • After it is dislocated you will start have the feeling of stomach pain and loose motion.
  • The best remedy is take some dry raw tea which is available in all the houses and grind it very well. After that take a tea spoon of grinded raw tea and have it with a glass of water this will instantly stop the stomach pain and loose motion. For some people it may take longer to heal.
  • Another good home remedy is that you can have fresh mint (pudina) juice.
  • If the problem persists then go to a known person and have some malish on your stomach this will reduce the pain and you will be alright in few days.
  • You can fix it for yourself too just sit down and free your legs straight. Then fold right leg only and stretch your arms and touch the left leg toe and keep repeating for 7 times without bending your leg. Now straighten both the legs once more and fold left leg only and stretch your arms and touch the right leg toe and keep repeating for 7 times. By doing this you’re Navel Center or Dharan or Nabhi will be balanced. This is the best exercise that will fix all the problems.
  • pic1
  • pic2

Repeat above posture for 10 times with both legs one after the other.


  1. I agree that good home remedy is that you can have fresh mint.

  2. Nasim says:

    I hv navel displacement problm for very long time. Hw to cure it? Pls help me..

  3. sarabjeet kaur says:

    I m suffered frm dharan problm.hw should I cure it? Plz
    Send me suggstns, yogas, home remedies fr curing ds prblm.
    I m also suffrng frm litle obesity, so plz reply me on my mail
    Adrs dat wat shud I eat fr both prblms n apropriate yogas also.
    I wl b realy thkful.

    • Admin says:

      just follow the above steps in this article and you will be alright

      • Davinderkullar says:

        I don’t ve words to say thanks u.i often suffer this problem.today i apply ur method to balance navel.i have also joint pain.plz tell me exercise for this.what is vajarasan

        • Admin says:

          Thank you. We are happy that you found our info useful. And in few days we will publish home remedies for joint pains too. Stay tuned

  4. naren sharma says:

    good remedies suggested by U thanks a lot

  5. vinod yadav says:

    I like your suggestion thank you

  6. For Dharan or Navel Centre always sit in vajarasna after meal for 10 minutes. it cures all pains in body, joint pains and liver problems also.

  7. Mahesh says:

    Two Times I have Problem In Past History First Time One Person Measure the Distance between both Chest & Navel Center to ascertain the dislocation of nabhi center as the unequal length.I forgot something That person who is fruit juice vendor pull my Leg First Finger By Holding some point behind the calf & Lifting by other person I have to ask but I have not found that person for conformity, & The Other method The second Time The Ayya who are supposed to delivery earlier times in homes of Earlier past laid on me back massage with oil the surrounding area of naval area to fix on center the naval or nabhi by checking the beats of naval to place on center of naval as found dislocated beats from center from ailing.

  8. Mahesh says:

    f the problem persists then go to a known person and have some malish on your stomach this will reduce the pain and you will be alright in few days.??? can you elaborate ????

  9. anita says:

    i do not have access to raw tea, will dried tea leaves, or the tea in tea bags do the trick or will grinding and using them help to reduce the pain ?

  10. guneet kaur says:

    My nani(grandma) uses this EASIEST METHOD to treat us kids:-

    Take a soft cloth, wrap it around your hand so it makes an O shape with hollow center.
    Put this on your navel & lie down on a flat surface face down.
    After 5 minutes slowly get up from left side of your body.
    DO NOT rush & DO NOT get up immediately as it will only aggravate further.
    Getting up you will feel better.
    You can take black tea with lemon for further relief.

  11. Sana says:

    Hi, am suffering with navel problem from many years. Although i went to old people, they did some massage from time to time. But it couldn’t cure it permanently. Now my lips remain dry cause of this. I can feel weakness in my body too. Tell me what should i do

    • Admin says:

      Before asking this question you should have read the above post which has the solution and answer to your question.

    • Pk says:

      Apply mustured oil in navel

    • nilesh says:

      Sana when u go to the people they massage ur stomach set navel.. But they massage ur stomach many time., it weekens ur muscles.. So this prob exist again and again,.. So hve to do abdominal exercise to tighten ur muscle… Though prob exists u can contect me.. I hve many ways to set tharan and keep dharan in place…

      • Manjul Sharma says:

        Hi Nilesh,

        Please send me the ways to set and keep dharan at its place on my mail ID as i am suffering from the above discussed problem from past 2 years.Thanks in advance

  12. monika says:

    hi i was suffering from dhran problem and lips remain so dry from last nine months is lips dryness is the cause of dhran problem

    • Admin says:

      yes it causes lip dryness sometimes. But your lips can become soft as before but for that you need to apply butter(liquid butter after heating little bit) on your lips before you sleep for 3 nights and see the magic.

    • nilesh says:

      U hve to go to the person who know to set dharan… Then start exercise to tighten ur muscle.. And daily check dharan self.. Then if not in place.. Then push nabhi and see dharan where.. Then from dharan displace put thumb deep and pull it to nabhi.. Though prob exist contect me on pakhni143@gmail.com

  13. Dhiraj Choraria says:

    Another traditional way is to lie down freely and then try to bring your left leg thumb closer and try touching your nose by minimum bending yourself. Then repeat the same with your right leg.

  14. sunny says:

    I am 23 y old and I have severe Dharan problem from 10-11 years, but it doesn’t cause loosemotions, pain is also rare instead it causes constipation, weakness, low haemoglobin, dryness of lips, maybe emotional imbalance too. I have tried Vajra Asana for 15 mins after meals, lying on a ball placed just below nabhi, use of kapoor and deepak made of wheat flour, I have visited some people who had their ways of making it balanced by use of some ilm or by some exercises like rubbing your calves with a wooden stick etc….but all in vain. What can I do to solve this great trouble I’m facing?

  15. Bhagat singh says:

    hi there
    my age is 24 and i am having this dharan problem sincee i was 15-16.
    last 3 years i was ok but last week again i got realy bad pain which is continue untill now.
    i work in demolition company in london and its realy hard to work with this pain. every morning i feel ok but when i do any hard work or i carry something heavy stuff i start getting pain and i can feel my dharan little bit up from belly button.
    i tried everything which u suggested in ur article when i was in INDIA. and from last 1 month again im trying this but nothing works.
    plz help me to fix my dharan permanent.

  16. kapeah raval says:

    my dharan level has shifted to down taking this to exact place what should i do?i ve done massage also bur nthing happen i ve also taken a tablespoon of tea with water but i vomit it plz reply urgently

  17. amit says:

    Dharan causes loss of appetite or joint pain and dry lips

  18. Adil kazi says:

    Tons of thnx bro,
    I stay abroad away from family n exercise shown above is d easiest to practise alone.

    Once again thnx

  19. yuvaraj loganathan says:

    I have irritable bowel syndrome after typhiod fever. Will the above method fix it ? Or is there an alternative solution ?

  20. Aabha says:

    From few months i m also facing dis problem..but instead of loose motions..it leads 2 constipation..i hav met a lot many ppl..some did maalish nd some helped in balancing navel without touching me..but i want a permanent solution..it makes me feel too low and it feels like i wont b normal again..please suggest smthing else..have tried d above mentioned remedies

  21. Vishal ahuja says:

    I got my naval balance right but I am still facing gas issues. As soon as I take a meal I feel burning near the throat and feels that motion should pass but it takes time around 2 hours to get myself relieved. I am travelling abroad in five days can u please guide me what to drink and eat in order to avoid gas issues

  22. Hi I am navel pain from 3years plz tell the ans

  23. RAKESH SHAH says:

    i am suffering fro dharan displacement last 4 years i go to many expert he gave malish the it is gud for some time but than it is again displace. Please give me some suggestion?

  24. jabbar says:

    bhai aaaraam aagayaaa………………….

  25. amandeep kour says:

    I also have this problem for a long tym .doctor said u r suffering from stress n give me medicine.but i have uneasyabdomemn all the tym . Plz help me

  26. shelley says:

    Please answer my question….frequent shifting k liye kya kre…

  27. Shelley says:

    I frequently suffer from navel displacement..it comes on its place and gets displaced again…like I correct it in morning and it gets displaced in afternoon again. I face loss of appetite,loose motions,indigestion,gas trouble and have become very weak and thin….it has been around 2 years…please suggest me to stop this frequent shifting..i have a lot of weakness.

  28. Vikash says:

    wow…..i did exercise and i got instant relife…..thank you thank you very much..

  29. Nikita agarwal says:

    Can constipation be one of the reason of navel dislocation?plz rply

  30. meenakshi sharma says:

    Hi i m meenakshi from australia .i am suffring from the 7 years ,i had many scans , madisons doesn help, docters says you don’t have any problems . My husband is upset also.i m nothing without my good health.suddnely i m pregnent i have too much pain ,and i saw your exercise here ,i want to know this is safe for pregnancy or not ,plz let me know ,

    • Admin says:

      Hi Meenakshi,

      If you are pregnant then i advise not to do the above exercise as it will strain your stomach muscles which is not good for baby.

  31. kashif khawaja says:

    Thanx admin….the excercise really helped..i did only one time n i got relived…pls advise than should i continue this excercise to strengthen my belly musclea or i do only wen belly button dislocated

  32. sandeep singh says:

    I have been suffering from navel displacement since long. Although I manage to set it right, it agains get disturbed
    Probable reason maybe of my going to gym…which I can’t discontinue

    Please suggest me the way to avoid displacement

  33. Anuja says:

    My grandfather was quite experienced and treated quite a few ppl with this problem including me. The doc had adviced surgery when my loose motions and pain didnt go away after series of treatments lasting weeks. I was losing weight rapidly.. thats when my grandfather visited us and in within minutes fixed me up with some massage on the tummy and a few punches on the sole of my feet.. i was up and running within hours and ate a full entire meal that night..(turned out thhat i had dislocated my navel during a tug of war at school sports day)… as a follow up DIY treatment he had advised me to hang onto something ( the way we do pull ups at the gym) and then jerk both the legs hard and quick a couple a time while still hanging with the hands( arms stretched up) it aligns the dislocation quickly..thus has worked fr me each time.. good to read ur post

  34. Chinki Arora says:

    Must say! The above given exercise worked well. Thanks!

  35. Lee Gue says:

    Thanks ! the tea leaf powder instantly relieved the 3 day constant pain. God bless YOU. !!!

  36. sanjeev says:

    Best exesise relif fast

  37. shikha sen says:

    Thanks this exercise really works

  38. Jasleen says:

    My daughter is suffering frm naval displacement problem she is10 ultra sound is normal her. Problem is her pain in the naval start after10pm in the ngt and frm slowly it increases and again in the morning her pain goes..she is doing yoga also but why it is painful only at ngt

    • Admin says:

      dont eat any white food at night like curd, rice etc. drink 3 to 4 litres of water daily. do kapalbhati yoga every morning empty stomach followed by above stretch exercise. make sure there is a gap of atleast 2 hrs between dinner and going to bed for sleep.

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