Top 8 Best Ways To Boost Your Blog Readership

Opening any Blog with lots of excitement is every individual’s feeling. But have you thought that how long your readers will stay on your Blog and read article? Yes, just visiting Blog and leaving is not good symbol for owner of Blog. You must attract your reader to stay on your Blog and make new visitors. You must give long information in crisp manner in short time. In this Blogging Guide you will find Top 8 Best Ways on How To Boost Your Blog Readership.

Build Network

Try to visit other Blogs and get involved in the Blogger community and build your network. This will make visitor from different Blogs to visit your page. If you create best relation among Bloggers, by asking them to view your post will tend both of you to get lots of visitors in good range.

Promoting By Email Signature

Email signature is way of communicating to your visitor. It is also a kind of digital business card by which you can make your visitors directly reach your Blog.

Add To Forums

You can post your article in online forum of same interest. This will create individual to easily visit your Blog on particular topic. By giving forum signature, your Blog URL will be displayed with your post. It is the best way to promote your post online and you might get more number of new visitors.

Give Away Valuables For Free

It means you’re not going to lose money in this way. Giving something important like eBook, a report, audio file, screen cast and lot more things. This is way of making your visitor to subscribe through mail and get tied up to an auto responder.

Landing Page For Subscribers

This option of giving something free of cost is really good one. You can create a squeeze page which is for single purpose to convert the visitor in to reader so that can drive traffic to this landing page.

Engage Through Commenting

Keep your old visitor to visit your Blog again and again. This can be done by posting some question in your Blog and ask them for opinion, advice and experiences. After all who doesn’t like to provide others with their advices and opinions?

Put It On Business Cards

Business cards are a way of promoting your Blog. In olden days business cards were means of providing promoters. You can publish Website information on business card which will directly connect to your Blog.

Submitting URL To Search Engines

There are thousands of Blog and webpage that are created every day. It is not possible to detect every single Website. To speed up catalogue work there are so many popular Search Engines, where you can post about your Blog. But keep in mind one thing by posting it in that Search Engine your page won’t appear on first page. For that you have get listed with Google, Yahoo etc.


  1. Hi
    You have shared some great ways to boost a blog’s readership. My favorite way is by commenting on blogs. I haven’t posted to any forums yet, but that really makes sense. I am going to look for a forum in my niche. Thanks for sharing!

    • Admin says:

      Hey Jamella! welcome to the blog. Nice to hear that your favorite way is by commenting on other blogs. I’m too in the same list. And best of luck with the forum for your niche. Have a great day!Cheers

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