Top Must Security Tips To Keep Gmail Account Safe & Secure

Gmail is a service of Google which lets you mail contents, files and other data’s which user keens to, and is being highly used by millions of users. Users are daily login into it to check mails, drafts and spam messages into their account. This service even gives large amount of data storage so as to have as many messages into your inbox. Still the errors and common amount of illegal works are being done to trouble you by sending certain malwares into the Gmail by a small message itself. So here are the Best and must Security Tips to keep Gmail Account Safe & Secure.

Use Always HTTPS Protocol

Recommendations via Google using HTTPS are higher as it means the Security services being keenly done in the site you have entered. The icon just before HTTPS becomes green if you are in Google Chrome and it assures that secured way of Website intercourse is being done, and no one else can notify what going on servers and make your work valid.

Choose A Unique Security Question

When you are creating an email account in Gmail, you fill up a small form which has security questions in them. It’s not necessary that what drop down box security questions are, you need to answer them. You can create your own security question and make such a question whose answer can be creepy and puzzling, so as whoever tries to track the way into your account, they can’t answer them in ease. So try to get a good and tough security question so as to keep your Gmail Account Secure.

 Use Strong Password

A strong password like special characters with some lower case characters mixed up can let no one crack your password for the email account you created. Password of straight ways like names, or straight name of village or town or a phone number can be easily cracked to open up the email account, so better not to use them. In case to make your account not be misused, then use of symbols with character and also with some other special characters can make you have a strong password to keep your Gmail Account Secure.

Check Up Your IP Login Session Information Regularly

This IP is nothing but the address through which request are send to make your email account open. So when you open up your Gmail account, go to downright beneath and click on Details, it will have details regarding the current logged in session, place name along with the IP address. This makes you know where and from which locations your id logged in, and so regular checkups about it must be done.

Back Up Your Emails

Frequently take your backups through a different mail id. When you create your mail id, there is option called as alternative mail id, this field lets you enter another mail id which was already might be created before by the user. This alternative email id makes you keep backups of the mail id, here you created and thus making your data’s stored and even get information about whether any misuse taken up or not via the backup.

Use Key Scramblers To Protect from Key Loggers

Key loggers are definitions of harmful virus specially the Trojan or Norm itself, and if they are not kept away, lots of junks will get scribed into your mail account and lots of mail will be either lost or destroyed. So usages of key scramblers make you keep away these viruses and make you get a secured way of mailing.

I hope these Best and must Security Tips to keep Gmail Account Safe & Secure will help you stay tension free about your Gmail Account.


  1. Ahsan says:

    I already enabled HTTPS in all major sites like Facebook, gmail etc. But I have never backup my emails. But I need to do it from today as i got huge mails regularly. This is very informative post on securing your account ;0
    Ahsan recently posted..Check Meta Title, Description in Google Snippet OptimizationMy Profile

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