How To Use Mouse Functions Through A Keyboard If Mouse Not Working

There are being times when you think of using your mouse and it doesn’t work and you are helpless enough to use your system then. Are you looking for how to use mouse functions through a keyboard? then read along. Ultimately when you would think of working, suddenly mouse doesn’t and you think of switching off your system as you are unable to work upon. Hence, now days even if you have no mouse or your mouse doesn’t operates in between your work and stops you there, you can still utilize the features and make ample conditions within your system and make your work being done.

There are certain directions which can make you optimize your issue of placing the cursors properly and clicking without the mouse on your desktop. There are various ways to make features of mouse being done through the keyboard itself. The ways to remove your issues regarding the functionalities of the mouse, here they are preceded as follows which will guide you to how to use mouse functions through a keyboard.

  • The very first thing is to go to your main menu button, click on it, and then click upon Control Panel.
  • Then there are many menus within the Control Panel, select the Accessibility Option within the control panel.
  • As it opens, there will be various fields over the menu bar, just go on to the Option Of Mouse.
  • As you click on the mouse option, there will a small box and its label as shortcut key to keyboard, click on that and then make your pointer of mouse speeds through below, with functions as high and low.
  • Then after all things are being done, click on the ok button to make your settings saved.
  • As your settings are saved, now do the functions as, press the left shift key+ left alt key+ num lock key of your keyboard.
  • As you press them, you will get a toolbox opened up with saying do you want to enable the features of shortcut for mouse, and press ok if you desired then.
  • After completion of all these, you would be desired to know the runs or features of mouse pointer and they are as:
  1.  Use the number keys, such as 4 for left side movement, 6 for right side, 2 for down movement and 8 for up movement.
  2.  For click functions use 5 key for just a single click
  3.  For double click function, you need to use + symbol key for it.
  4.  For dragging function of click, use insert key and for just release the key, we are using the delete key.

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