How To Set Your Favourite Image As Gmail Background

Gmail is used worldwide for its amazing and instant mailing services with many options that users are still unaware of them such as how to set your favourite image as Gmail background and you can customize the theme of your Gmail account.

There are several features gearing up in the Gmail but user tends to think how we can use them to fantasize our own Gmail Account. Users tend to think why only use only a default page and why not see their E-mails with bright textures, images and other colourful aspects in their inbox or Gmail page.

The users try out sometime randomly to do things but still they are unable to make any changes and customize their Gmail account. There are several ways in which you can customize your Gmail Account, now for example you would be thinking How To Set Your Favourite Image As Gmail Background saved in your on your PC.

Steps To Set Your Image As Gmail Background

Step 1:

First login into your Gmail account.

Step 2:

Go to the settings of the Gmail account.

Step 3:

Click upon the theme tab option once you are in the settings page. But there are default themes schemes too for the users.

Step 4:

Go down and beneath there will be an option which is click to make my own theme, click upon it.

Step 5:

After you have clicked for your own theme, choose image from Picasa album or Upload an image from your computer’s hard drive. After selecting, save the settings, click ok and it would Set Your Favourite Image As Gmail Background.

Well by following the easy five steps you can customize your Gmail Account and you can set your favourite image as Gmail background and can change the look of your Gmail forever.


  1. Ahsan says:

    I also changed default theme of Gmail. Now Using another Theme provided by Gmail but I have not used any of my picture as Gmail theme. I’ll use it next time
    Ahsan recently posted..How To Increase Laptop Battery PerformanceMy Profile

  2. Shrinivas says:

    Wow.. Useful hint to change the look and feel of Gmail.. Thanks for sharing with all 🙂
    Shrinivas recently posted..Ultimate Android App to Find and Track PlanesMy Profile

  3. Adrienne says:

    I saw this post and had to come check it out. Seriously! OMG, I’m loving this so thanks for sharing this. I guess I just never paid attention to whether you could create your own background or not. I hate the way they just changed it and threw everything off. Oh good, I’m going to go play now.

    Thanks so much, I love this.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why You Should Go For NoMy Profile

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