How To Know If Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked

Gmail being the Best online E-Mail client that is available for free. Almost every user on this planet has his/her Account associated with Gmail. But is your Gmail Account Safe? How To Know If Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked? As we all know this E-Mail service is provided by Google along with the other services such as Orkut, Google Calendar, Blogger, AdSense, and Google Docs with same user ID and Password. What if someone else takes over your account and leaves you blank with nothing because all your Google services are tied to the same account.

So here I will discuss the best 2 ways to know if Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked or not. Just follow this Web Guide given below.

1. Monitoring Sent Mail and Trash Folders

In this digital world hackers have become so advanced that you wont even know if your account is used by someone else. Hackers send out mails and spam from the hacked accounts and thus trouble people in various ways. But just follow these tips to make sure your Gmail Account is not hacked. The first thing is to always keep an eye on the sent item folder and the trash folder since hackers used to trash the sent mail items.

2. Using Gmail Activity Monitor

An amazing Security Feature is provided by Gmail for its users and it is called as Gmail Activity Monitor. Using this you can know when and from which IP you are using your Gmail Account. This gives you an edge over your Gmail Account to track the activity of your Gmail Account. To use and to know more about this feature, all you need to do is just Login into your Gmail Account and scroll down to the bottom right of the page and click Details as mentioned in the picture below.

After you have clicked on Details it will open a new window which will give you all the details about your Login time and IP from where you logged in as seen in the picture below.

I have shaded the IP address of my Gmail session for Security reasons. In this dialog box you can find all the details regarding your account sessions like access type, location along with IP address and Date/Time last logged in. with all these useful details you can come to the conclusion whether your Gmail account is hacked or not. If you notice such activity the first thing you must do is change your password to a stronger one. Because strong passwords are always difficult to hack.


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    thank you for sharing these very important tips to look out for i will ber sure to keep an eye out for any of these thank you.
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