How to Get Rid of Acne or Pimples

There is no need for me to define what Acne is. It is the most disgusting thing that could every happen to anyone. And most of the time it could found in teenagers aged between 14-19. So How to Get Rid of Acne? Just follow this Health guide and leave your tensions behind. Here we will see how to treat Acne or Pimples.

 Clear Your Pores with Salicylic Acid

Acne or pimple starts to form when pores get clogged with skin dirt. And in this case Salicylic acid helps a lot in loosening this dirt. Just for info this acid makes your skin sensitive to UV light so make sure you use sun block on regular basis.

Kill the Bacteria Before Its Too Late

You can find bacteria all over your skin which are natural agents and one such bacteria is Propionibacterium. When it comes in contact with dirt on your skin it starts to take shape of Acne. So wipe your skin with Benzoyl peroxide gel, cream, or soap containing benzoyl peroxide twice a day.

Be Consistent and Patient

Usually it takes time for the treatment of Acne or pimple. Its not like you can see results overnight, you got to be consistent and patient. Apply some of the home remedies like honey which is a fighting agent against bacteria that grows over Acne.

Learn How To Pop Pimples Correctly If You Want To

Most of the teenagers like me are restless and want to get rid of the acne or pimple that has just rooted. Use a sharp object to pierce through the skin of the pimple or acne but make sure that object is not metal else it may infect other areas or leave a scar. You can always use a wood sting.

Consult a Dermatologist

Even if the Acne or pimple doesn’t disappear after applying the above methods then its best to pay a visit to a dermatologist. And folks you can share your sour experiences of Acne and Pimples with us in the comment section if you have any.


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