How to Get Backlinks for Your Website/Blog

Here I am going to discuss how to get Backlinks in your website. Before you get come down like a ton of bricks in market by Search Engine, so try to get Backlinks with these several methods mentioned below. But you have to be patience for few weeks to get the most out of it.

Create Original Content

Try to write your own original content in article. Don’t try to copy content with webmaster’s sites’. Even writing style is important and creating humor in article which is specialty of professional freelancer. Some content that can get Links naturally and here they are.

  • Try to write short article than long one.
  • Prefer writing article on content like 10 things to do, these articles get more number of Links.
  • Check keywords in Google or Yahoo.
  • Make survey in society display result.

Attract Webmasters

Most of the webmasters are attracted by creating article which concerns them to visit again and again. But they visit that Link they switch over other site. To make them put their Backlinks in your site. Try to add display like make do follow comments; make Links, share and comment on article, which will attract webmasters.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best ways to bring Backlinks continuously. Try to get quality Backlinks which makes you to grow your audience and improve SEO. Here are some site accept article marketing.

  • Goarticles, this site has good marketing specialty with best internet reputation and good audience.
  • Articlecity, this site has large database and good PageRank.

Create Content for Other Blogs

This method is little time taking process but once it is done then, you will serve long term in market. Here you have to create article just same as other site but content should be in your grammar. This will tend to place in Link.

Make Link Exchange

Way making Link exchange is best way to get Backlinks easily and quickly. Here are some criteria that you must keep in mind.

  • Topic of article must be on same subject.
  • Page with external Links.
  • Context must be appropriate.

Directories for Websites

Directories are place where so many website Links are stored, where you can contact to similar kind of sites related to your topic. Here you can put content with 200 characters in to your related topic. Names of some directories are:

  • Dmoz, PageRank of 7, many categories
  • TxtLinks, PageRank of 4, paid one
  • Theseoking, PageRank of 4, started since 2005.

Comment on Other Sites

If you see same topics in other site try to comment on it. This will tend that person to comment in your site. But see some sites don’t have dofollow Links. Here are some best blogs for posting comments with good PageRank:

  • Designlenta, it is designblog, PageRank of 5.
  • ITCtrends, blogging site, PageRank of 4.
  • Memwg, blog with AdSense, PageRank of 4.


  1. Pavan Somu says:

    I believe that Quality content, marketing and link exchange are the good ways to gain backlinks.

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