Top and Best Ways to Get Google PageRank In 3 Weeks

If you are wondering of any guide that can help you out in gaining Google PageRank then let me clear there is no specific guide for gaining PageRank. The only reason behind this is that Search Engines are constantly changing the algorithms for which they rank sites. But the good news is that there amazing legal and genuine ways that can help your Website gain PageRank.

Concept of PageRank generally relies on uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure. You can say as an indicator of one’s page value. But you must know one thing Google will not share any sort of explicit info that is necessary to achieve PageRank.

You are ranked by the relevant keywords that are used in your Website. 80% of online sales are generated from consumers those who are in a search of goods through various Search Engines. Just being listed doesn’t help you out. You need to be on the top 10 list as search results and to do this you have to conduct SEO.

You may think exchanging links on other websites may get you some traffic and Search Engines rankings. But in case if you need to gain PageRank then don’t waste time in link exchanges. The reason behind is that exchanging links are

  • valuable only if the website that linking to you is relevant to your site,
  • the page that’s linking to you has PageRank,
  •  links containing your keywords etc.

You need to perform On-Page Optimization. Your Meta Tags like title, description, keywords and the content need to be updated regularly. Your Meta Tags are the one where you get to describe your Website to the Search Engines.

Whenever you are posting something on Website then make sure you use keywords which describes your Site Niche. Because Search Engines want to provide their users with FRESH, UPDATED and QUALITY content.

If you are giving more importance to designs and flash used in your post then I can only say that you are the “Smartest Dumb”. Search Engines doesn’t really care about the HD images and Flash used but they give more importance to the content which falls in the above category as FRESH, UPDATED and QUALITY.

My final words on this post is that don’t forget to update your content at least once every couple days and do perform all the SEO’s mentioned above in the post since the rules and Search Engine algorithms are always changing.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    In 2010 when my blog got no traffic at all it had a PR4. Oh yeah, I was very happy and it was not optimized for the keywords. I seriously believe it had to do with all the articles I wrote on EZine Articles because their site was a PR6.

    Unfortunately, I went back through and cleaned out a lot of articles I was no longer supporting and then they got slapped big time by Google Panda so my page rank dropped to a PR2. Within just a few months though it came back to a PR3 but I haven’t written any articles since then.

    Just an FYI! Interesting I thought but good information…
    Adrienne recently posted..How To Install A YouTube Widget On Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Thomas says:

    I am not sure when I first got my blog ranked by Google, but after 7 month of blogging my blog was ranking PR3. For me that was awesome because I was all new to this blogging world and my first posts was not at all optimized for keywords and SEO. One thing I was doing from day one was building back links to my blog. Not just to my front page, but also the valuable deep links. I guess that was what made my blog a PR3 blog.
    Thomas recently posted..What to expect from Microsoft Windows 8?My Profile

  3. Ahsan says:

    I already got PR 1. Now I am working hard to get PR 2 or 3. I’ll try to apply all your tips. Hope I’ll be successful.
    Ahsan recently posted..Install Adsense Publisher Toolbar From Chrome Web StoreMy Profile

  4. Clara says:

    I have some blogs with maybe 40 or 50 incoming links rated PR2, others with 100 links rated PR0. I think Google can be fickle sometimes.
    Clara recently posted..The Big Book of Juices: More Than 400 Natural Blends for Health and Vitality Every Day ReviewMy Profile

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