Best Tips on How To Kiss A Girl or A Boy For The First Time

The young generations today wants to seal the deal with a kiss on the lips. But in order to succeed you need to know the best way to kiss a girl/boy for the first time in life. And if you are in the hunt of some Tips on How To kiss a boy or a girl for the first time then this is the exact post where you will get hell lot of ideas.

But make sure of one thing before you kiss a girl or your girl friend and that is to have at least some sort of relationship to that boy/girl. Or else you might end up blank without anything. Well enough of beating the bushes around and let us begin the main idea of this post on Top and Best Tips on How To kiss a boy or a girl for the first time.

how to kiss a girl

Take Your Love Partner To An Exotic Place

If you are very passionate about kissing  a girl or a boy for the first time then you have to do something special like taking him/her to an exotic and beautiful place. Or you could go to a place where you feel like more private. All you need to initiate is some personal talks and the good old quality times that you spent together and after that go for the lips.

Have A Mint Before Kissing

If it is going to be your first ever kiss, then it’s a very good advise to have a strong mint or else you could leave your girl with a bad breath or the worst kiss that cannot be forgotten. You don’t want such thing to happen. Don’t you? So its always a good idea to have a mint or a mouth freshner just before your first kiss.

Flirt a Little

Well, in case of your first kiss you cant just jump onto the lips. You need to flirt a little. You can start by telling her that he is looking very gorgeous and her hair makes you go mad with those lovely lips. You need to keep doing this until some good environment is achieved. I hope you got what I am trying to tell.

Don’t Be Afraid, Be Bold!

When you are going for your first kiss you need to be bold and don’t be afraid. Slowly grab him/her into your arms and start kissing gently on the lips and then very gently slide your tongue into the mouth if you are passionate about the French kiss. And you need to make sure that this is not followed for too long after all its your first kiss.

Close Your Eyes Before Kissing

I don’t how but every time when a kiss begins your eyes closes automatically and if not  you need to close them and  just stay calm and proceed towards the lip kiss. And once the magical moment comes then gently stroke him/her cheeks with your thumb. And once the kiss is done slowly open your eyes and you will feel great.


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