Best Home Remedies for Toothache Pain

I have personally experienced the worst toothache ever in my life. I could not sleep whole night and my hand was on my jaw entire night and the only thing I was looking for some sleep but could not do so due to immense pain. The next day I got up and found some of the effective home remedies for toothache which I am going to share with you in this article. Most toothaches occur at night. It is because increased blood pressure flows in your head so keep your head lifted a little so that it can reduce some of the pressure.

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Remedies for Toothache Pain

1 – Take a small piece of one garlic (lehsoon) with a little of black or rock salt, just keep it on the paining tooth and it will relieve the pain in few minutes. If you face the pain daily then you can chew a garlic piece daily in morning.

2 – You can even put some 2 to 3 drops of vanilla extract on the paining tooth and it will give you instant pain relief.

tooth pain

3 – Take a dab of “Vicks vapor rub” and apply it on the side of the face where you are feeling the tooth pain. Keep a paper towel on this and rest in bed. By doing this the heat from the vicks get absorbed into the skin and hence will relief from the pain.

4 – One of the other amazing home remedy for tooth pain is to cut a piece of potato and apply it on the paining tooth for 15 mins.

5 – If you are looking for an instant pain relief from the tooth pain then try a hot tea bag by pressing on to the tooth.

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6 – You can even have Halls Cough Drops so that it lessens your pain.

7 – The natural mouth wash for dental decay is the juice of wheat grass.

8 – Asafetida (heeng) powdered and mixed with lemon juice is an awesome home remedy for dental ache. All you have to do is just heat the mixture and take a small piece of cotton and soak it and apply it on the tooth.

9 – You can even apply some drops of clove oil on the paining tooth to get rid of the pain instantly.

10 – One of the best home remedy for dental decay is chewing guava (amrood) tree leaves.

11 – A small amount of pepper (kaali mirch) powder mixed with clove oil is also advisable to apply on the cavities.

12 – The easiest available remedy is to put an ice cube on the paining tooth or on the cheek near to it for 15-20 mins.

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