5 Effective Data Recovery Tools To Help Avoiding Data Loss

Data is very vital for running any organization. To start any business or organization you need product information and strategies for all kinds of marketing and much more various things. But all this information will be in text, video or audio format, so Database safety is also needed. Some of the 5 effective Data Recovery Tools or Data Recovery Software to help avoiding data loss are as follow.


Undela is most effective Data Recovery Tool, if your important Data gets deleted accidently or unknowingly. Undela is free to use and it recovers your files which were deleted due to virus attacks, power failure, Hard Disks failure, other mediums like USB drives etc. it also recover Data from the Recycle Bin. It supports NTFS and FAT32 in Windows and XFS on Linux. It is available in multi languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

CD Recovery Toolbox

CD Recovery Toolbox is also another perfect Tool to recover Data from scratched, damaged or corrupted CDs or DVDs. it is the best and most known Tool for recovering files from HD DVD and Blue-Ray disks. It has simple option to use and select the drive and the files therein to start the Data Recovery process. This Tool recover file very fast with great amount of accuracy. In few cases sometimes some file cannot recover but, this Tool can recover all kind of files.


Mail Pass View

Mails are important way of communication in today’s digital world. Some Database are very important in mail, while accessing sometimes we accidentally delete mail. We find it very difficult to get it back. In that case, here is a Mail Pass View Tool which can export your email account settings from e-mail applications such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Eudora. By this Tool you find any user and password and other details of your e-mail client. Information which we get can store in text file or any other hard drives.


Many songs have come up with lots of variant styles of file format and it is difficult to maintain different kinds of file formats. This Tool is most useful among the music lovers since some files get corrupted while downloading from net. MP3val solve problem of corruptcy easily during downloading time itself it fixes automatically. This Tool gives quick results and requires no installation. This Tool is built up with front-end GUI and standalone command-line version.


MP3VAL is famous among music lovers while DivFix++ is famous with movie lovers. Many users face corrupt problem while downloading those movie which are in different files. When this Tool is in your system no need to worry since this Tool fixes all kinds of problem very easily. Sometimes file downloaded incompletely which loses index part of it, this Tool also fixes this index part.


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