Top 7 Best Facebook Tips for Power Users

Facebook is considered as the god father of Social Media and we all love it. You must have used all the features of it and by now you must have become a power user of Facebook. But you are still unaware about some of the coolest Facebook Chat Tricks. There exists some Tips that can make your Facebook timeline look better, tune things up, control what appears on your feed, create a secret group and many more so follow this Social Media Guide on Top 10 Best Facebook Tips for Power Users to know more.

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1. Tune Up your Timeline by Reposition Photos

You can tune up your timeline for the best view by your friends and fine tune how your images appear on it. You must have noticed some of the photos shared were off-center or you can’t see the main focus of the image. You can reposition them to look good. Just click the Edit or Remove pencil icon and this can be found on the top-right ->Select Reposition Photo->Click and drag.

2. How To View Photos Full-Screen

If you click any pic on fb it automatically adjust it sizes in a small looking window but now you can view Facebook photos in full-screen mode. You can do that by clicking the first image in an album and after that you need to hover over the photo. By this a floating menu appears at the bottom of the image. Click on Options->Enter Full screen.

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3. Hide What You Read

Sometimes you come across some good articles on the web and read them via some of the Facebook’s social reading apps and after that you can see the news feed on your timeline what you read. In order to hide this from world just go to Account Settings ->Apps->Edit->Posts on your behalf – Who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline?”->select Only me.

4. Creating List Based on User Interests

Now it is possible for you to create list based on your interest on Facebook. It is similar like Twitter. In order to do so click More next to the Interests on your homepage menu->Add Interests->Create List. You can add people, friends and subscriptions in your list.  And once it is created you can make it either private to you or public to the world.

5. Add Locations To Images

This is the newest feature that has arrived in Facebook last month if you would have noticed. Now it is possible to add locations to the images that you share with your friends. You can add the place where it was taken and other details too. To do so click on the Photos->select Add Photos to Map.

6. Become Invisible In Chat

Sometime as soon as you go online people start to chat like hungry dogs and if you are frustrated and wished if you could stay online but offline to the people that annoys you. This Wish has come true, now you can become offline to certain friends. All you need to do is click on that user’s name in the chat window->click  the cog icon in the top-right->click Go Offline to [Name]. and once this is done you are hidden fro that person for being online.

7. Upload Images in High Quality

In olden days if you would have uploaded some of the high quality photos and when you to try to download them back they just come compressed and with low quality. But it is a thing of the past, now you can upload images in high quality. Now before uploading a photo all you need to do is to check the High Quality box. It may take a longer to upload but it’s worth it.

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