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Facebook Adds Voice Messaging to Its Messenger App

As you all know that, Facebook always comes with valuable updates every time. Facebook is one of the best and popular social networking website with best users. It is meant best for connecting your friends, family and anyone on earth around you. There are many million people using this social network. Update for this time Facebook […]

How To Change Facebook Theme, Color & Appearance

Want to Change Facebook Theme, Color & Appearance? Read more in this Web Guide about it. As we all know Facebook is the biggest Social Media site that enables us to connect to our friends and families. It also helps to build relationships with people all around the globe and find new friends too. But using […]

Facebook’s Friendship Pages Redesigned-See Everything You’ve Ever Shared With Someone

If you are a Facebook geek then you must have come across a feature called Friendship Pages. It enables you to see all the wall posts, updates, and photos that you were tagged in with someone. And guess what this feature is getting redesigned. Let me tell you one more thing that Facebook is launching the […]

How to Create a False Facebook Status

Facebook is one Social Media site that has taken world by storm. It is mostly used by the young generation people. So have you ever thought of doing something different on Facebook like Create False Facebook Status that will not only shock your friends but almost everyone who sees it. So follow these Tips and Tricks […]

10 Facebook Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

Facebook is one of most frequent word which is been used in day today life. Most of the users on Facebook are youngsters and teenagers, since they prefer to stay connected with friends and want to maintain contact with them all the time. Facebook has won millions of heart by bringing lots of services to […]

Has Facebook Started Turning Grey?

Facebook! The world’s favorite Social Networking website has had an extraordinary and remarkable journey all through until the recent past. This service initially created to connect the students of Harvard, went ahead and touched the everyday lives of people living across the globe. Friends, photos, videos, statuses and many more..All what is required to give that […]

5 Tips To Get More Likes And Comments On Facebook

Usually we share photos and status on Facebook, but we don’t do it for ourselves am I right? Of course there is no point in sharing something that is not liked or commented by people especially by your friends. And if you don’t get enough likes and comments then your posts would seem quite lonely. […]