How Girls Want Boys to Propose Them [Infographic]

Thinking to propose your love? Well in that case it is one of the most difficult tasks in the entire universe. And it becomes more difficult if that girl is your best buddy. So in order to over come such situations, our love guru Ritu Agarwal is going to give you the best possible solution.

It is very rare case that a girl proposes to a boy. But most of the time it is the boy who proposes girl, the reason behind is that girls usually feel shy to propose to a guy. And Ritu Agarwal’s personal experience says that there should be a surprise element while proposing a girl instead of just saying “Will you marry me?”

So just observe this Infographic given above to understand the whole concept on How Girls Want Boys to Propose Them.

Well guys I hope this Infographics must have helped you for sure. So go out and try this on your girl and I am quite sure you will come with positive reply.

source [InvitationBox]


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