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Health Tips: 90% of World Population Suffering from Headache

One of the common Health issue which is faced by almost every single person on earth is Headache. Over 90% of the People are facing this critical Health problem. Some of the stats given below will give you an idea on various types of headaches and their treatments. 90% People – Occasional Headache 75% People – […]

Half of Parents Join Facebook to Creep on Their Kids[Infographics]

Facebook is the best place to share anything and everything. And this thing only leads young generations ending up in trouble so in order to keep a track of the activities most of the parents join Facebook to creep on their kids. So before you read on this post ask a question to yourself that are […]

How Facebook Get To Know Your Love Secrets [Infographic]

Facebook is one Social Media site that everyone loves on this planet and almost every other person has a personal account who shares his/her status, pics, day today going and every other possible thing that you could think of, because there is no end of thoughts. And in this new Technology world these days Social Media […]

Case Study: Which College Degree Will Give More Income In Future [Infographics]

Teenagers like me go to college and come back on regular basis, but before joining college have you ever given a thought Which College Degree Will Give More Income In Future? Well I suppose very few people does that and especially in India. Parents just send their pupil to college for getting a degree for name […]

How Girls Want Boys to Propose Them [Infographic]

Thinking to propose your love? Well in that case it is one of the most difficult tasks in the entire universe. And it becomes more difficult if that girl is your best buddy. So in order to over come such situations, our love guru Ritu Agarwal is going to give you the best possible solution. […]

Mobile Guide-How To Get Back Your Lost or Stolen Phones

Once in a while almost every other person would have lost his Phone. Am I correct? And have you every gave a thought what would have happened when you lost your precious phone which is a companion for you all the time? And if lost or stolen how many times you were successful to get […]

Where and When Do Most People Lose Their Mobile Phones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You must have lost your Mobile Phone once in a while. Well it’s common in youth generations who are so careless and never bother to look after their Mobile Phones. The common places where you could have lost your Mobile Phone are pizza place, back seat of a taxi, while running behind your dear friends to make […]